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1-Year Anniversary of the COVID Stock Market Crash

Those that encounter my blogs might notice two distinct types: 1) blogs that I formally prepare almost like an essay; and 2) those that are "unplugged" or informally prepared rather like a personal journal entry.  The mystique of writing something where I don't exactly know the…


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Measuring the Contact Series Bias

Covid-19 has helped to propel the work-from-home movement. Many companies have announced plans to maintain a remote workforce. For some workers, this might represent a permanent change in scenery. Workers are now being hired specifically to work from home. For others, it could be on…


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Determining Work from Home Metrics

Last year like many people, I found myself laid off due to COVID-19. I suspected this would happen since my title barely reflects what I spend most of my time doing. Although I worked in a Call Centre, I hardly handled any calls. For those expecting me to have a lot of call stats, my…


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Metrics of Social Teratogenesis

I originally introduced the idea of social teratogenesis to Data Science Central in relation to the employees of a company. I will be taking this opportunity to apply the concept to the clients of a company.

Social teratogenesis - or just teratogenesis here for…


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Common Technical Characteristics of Some Major Stock Market Corrections

In this blog, I will be covering some charts based on the technical data of three major stock market corrections: the Crash of 1987, Dot-com Correction of 2000, and the Great Crash of 1929.  By technical data, I mean that the charts are produced using stock market prices.  More than a month ago, I wrote about opening my first stock trading account in 1987; this is the same year I was hired for my first regular full-time job.  I worked as a store clerk on Bay…


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Risk Avoidance Spectrum and Character Types

Ever since I started following stocks again, I have been preoccupied with developing a "game plan" to help prevent me from making emotional investment decisions.  Plans can be improved.  What I have come up with so far is a stress avoidance model to study how different character types might perform in relation to the market.  Since quite a number of investors are actually algorithms - and many trades are algorithmically triggered - the concept of stress needs…


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Studying Risk-based Algomorphology Using Thunderbird Charts

I recently wrote about a stock trading approach that I call skipjack: it allows the user to trade directly from special charts by exploiting skipjack waveforms and formations.  I mentioned that I use an application - a simulation environment - to trade from these charts.  Below I present a screenshot of SimTactics, the application that I created to support this simulated trading.  To the right is a notepad containing four trades generated by an autopilot…


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Nearly 33 Years Later, Nobody Knows What Triggered the Crash of 1987

I opened my first stock trading account shortly after I landed my first full-time job in 1987 - the same year as the great stock market crash - also known as Horrible Monday.  (I renamed Black Monday in keeping with the times.)  I dropped out of university to "find myself."  It seemed so easy working at an office-supplies retailer: putting supplies in the stockroom; filling the store shelves with merchandise; and handling the cash register.  It all made sense,…


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Skipjack Stock Trading Environment

While the skipjack tuna is a reasonably attractive fish, it is perhaps less so if its colours are inverted as in the case below.  Later in the blog I will be introducing the "Destroying Angel Formation."  This can be found during a full-spectrum inversal of the skipjack waveforms, which might occur before a major stock-market correction or crash.

Skipjack as a form of technical analysis is primarily about…


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Code-name "Skipjack" - Stock Trading Methodology

It is not something that a young person necessarily needs to know, but a person my age dedicates some portion of his intellectual resources on the dangers of stock market crashes.  I have reflected over the years on the sort of person I might be today were it not for stock market crashes.  In my earliest recollection, I was so disillusioned, I…


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Herodotus Event Data Object - Glimpse Inside

I dropped out of university as a literature major in the 1980s.  (I needed time to find myself.)  Before I left, I read The Histories by the ancient Greek historian Herodotus.  I decided to name my new data object the Herodotus Event Data Object or HEDO.  A number of HEDOs can be stitched together to form codified narrative.  Those who follow my blogs might recall that I previously developed a system of codified narrative called BERLIN.  HEDOs represent my reinvention of BERLIN.  I…


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Technical Periods of COVID-19 Fatality Data and the Relevance of Asymptotic Baselines

While I was laid off due to the new Coronavirus, I created a computer application called Little Blue Pearl (LBP) - named after our planet. Although I was recalled about 1.5 weeks later, I find myself continuing to follow the fatality numbers for different countries. I guess it is a bit like bird watching in a certain sense. It is not that I am…


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Little Blue Pearl

Little Blue Pearl - named after our planet - has kept me occupied for several days during my 14-day Coronavirus isolation. It is fully functional although I suppose it needs a makeover in terms of its appearance. Like a child after summer break, this is going to be my show-and-tell. LBP is designed to…


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Quantitative Reductionism and the Pandemic of COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused organizations to find different ways to maintain their operations amid calls for increased social distance. In some cases, employees have been asked to work from home in order to reduce the amount of social interaction in the workplace. Due to this emerging distance between these workers and their employers, I suggest that quantitative reduction will become more likely: for these employees, performance will be increasingly unrelated to their social presence…


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Event Conceptualization & Distribution Modelling

In a recent blog, I described the American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders as an ontological reference.  I explained how this type of resource can be used for the codification of distributable events in order to build up a database.  In an organization, although the context surrounding the idea of a “disorder” is different;…


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Event Distribution as a Subject of Ontological Recognition Criteria

The “Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders” produced by the American Psychiatric Association is an interesting document from a conceptual standpoint.  In order to count the number of individuals with a particular disorder and to make the numbers comparable regardless of source, there has to be clear criteria guiding the ontology.  This document therefore serves an important ontological purpose. By the way, given that some dictionaries don’t…


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Tai Chi of Civilization

It is not unusual for a person to encounter hurdles or barriers in social processes - for example, to obtain financial support to do a post-secondary program.  I drink decaffeinated coffee. Sometimes when I order coffee, perhaps due to lack of product demand I will receive a cup of coffee that is barely above room temperature.  This situation likewise extends from some kind of social process - e.g. to get the order out although it is not quite what I ordered.…


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Social-Organizational-Institutional Versus Market Devaluation

In Ontario, there has been a push for education to become more “monetizeable.”  The education that people receive should better reflect the needs of the market.  This is actually a challenging proposition - even if people are entirely in agreement - given the elusive nature of the market.  I am a big market proponent myself.  This has led me to question where or not my undergraduate degree has any commercial value at all.  I have a degree in environmental studies.  My thesis was on the…


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Constructing Role Objects and Interpreting Role Conflicts Through the Lens of Stress

In my previous post, I discussed the relationship between role conflict and performance.  I suggested that all things being equal, role conflict might be the primary determinant of employee performance.  Companies direct all sorts of resources gathering data for recruitment purposes.  All things being about the same, much of that data collection is irrelevant. …


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Role Conflicts and Deviant Behaviours

It has been suggested the role conflicts can lead to poorer performance in the workplace.  Below I present the general dynamics: more role conflicts equate to less performance.

Performance can be expressed empirically - as in the case above using a formal scoring scheme.  On the other hand, a qualitative approach can be used:…


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