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3 Companies & Case Studies of AI In Investing

Artificial Intelligence in investing has long been practiced by secretive hedge funds like Renaissance Technologies. However, some of the same capabilities are being offered by companies to other players. Here are three examples of companies on how they are using data sets to predict stock & other financial market outcomes.…


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9 Python Libraries Which Can Help You In Image Processing

Image processing is a mathematically intensive operation & one of the biggest areas of research for a big data field. Image processing analytics has applications from processing a X-Ray to identifying stationary objects in a self…


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Top Data Mining Algorithms Identified by IEEE & Related Python Resources

IEEE International Conference on Data Mining identified 10 algorithms in 2006 using surveys from past winners and voting. This is a list of those algorithms a short description and related python resources. The detailed paper is…


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IoT projects analysis on Kickstarter Crowd Funding Platform

Given all the buzz happening in the market around IoT, We looked at related projects in the crowd funding website Kickstarter.com to see how are IoT projects doing with respect to all the other ones.

We chose projects which have either “IoT” or “Internet of Things” either in their title or description and here are our findings.

The success rate of projects at Kickstarter is around 37.5%, for Technology projects it is 21% which is a lot less than…


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Python Visualization Libraries List


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Opensource Robotics Projects List


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Python NLTK Tools List for Natural Language Processing (NLP)


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10 Python Machine Learning Projects on GitHub

Here is a list of top Python Machine learning projects on GitHub. A continuously updated list of open source learning projects is available on Pansop.



scikit-learn is a Python…


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9 Python Analytics Libraries

Python & data analytics go hand in hand. Here is a list of 9 Python data analytics libraries. This list is going to be…


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Machine Learning Resources for Spam Detection

Spam is a kind of messaging where the cost of sending is usually negligible and the receiver and the ISP pays the cost in terms of bandwidth usage. 

An example of a manual approach to detecting spam is using knowledge engineering. When you are aware of what is spam and what is not, you can usually filter it by creating a set of rules like,

  • If the subject line of an email contains words ‘Buy viagra’ its…


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Web Crawling & Analytics Case Study - Database Vs Self Hosted Message Queuing Vs Cloud Message Queuing

The Business Problem:


To build a repository of used car prices and identify trends based on data available from used car dealers. The solution to the problem necessarily involved building large scale crawlers to crawl & parse thousands of used…


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Internet of Things (IoT) Employers, Job Titles & Locations

For those coming in late, IoT is…


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Biostatistics Careers for Data Scientists

Analytics is becoming critical in all part of our lives. Biostatistics has been a big driver of this analytics demand in the field of pharmaceuticals, biotech, health & medicine.

But, What is Biostatistics? From the Wikipedia definition of Biostatistics:

Biostatistics (or biometry) is the application of statistics to a wide range of topics in biology. The science of biostatistics encompasses the design of biological…


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RethinkDB for Advanced Analytics

RethinkDB is an open source noSQL database that stores JSON documents. This can be great for open ended data analytics. The company officially provides drivers for Ruby, Python and NodeJS and community supported drivers and ORMs are available in around a dozen languages. 

The production ready version 2.0 was released very recently on April…


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