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2020 Census : A new dawn for Data Science

The mock border closing for the Civilian Data Army was just the beginning in 2019. The goal to catalog every American in America had been laughed at so much by media it has become cliche. The rebellion has all the makings of a massive movement. The media could not control it. Everyone wants answers. Real complete answers. The people are ready. Fueled by anger and fed up with the secrecy and disrespect of personal data they demand change.

The early years of data science in the 21st…


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Data Imprints and the Holocaust

Statistical conclusions that do not make sense are regrettably a majority of the outcomes on large unconstrained data problems. Yet these large divergent problems sometimes settle over time into something that may make sense eventually. This can leave the data tool box full of scrubbing tools, regressions, culminations, and learning algorithms obsolete. Replaced with common normal growth estimates and a demand for clear hindsight into why the data exists and what…


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Data Circus - Circus Data - The Big Three, Dead for a day is not OK

A Big Top Circus has three main tents. What does this have to do with data? Many things. The Big Three, the Birth index, SSI index, and the Death index determine if you are an American or not. An entry in any one of these indexes is a reason for calling it what ever you want capitalism, freedom, justice, etc… Now if you are listed in all three indexes the privilege is unique. It is the privilege of being sold to the highest corporate bidder.…


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Crime Data - the Dark Figure

The sniper scopes in on a young grinning child holding up a gold Rolex. Its a long shot. To his right is the “institutionalist” and to his left is the “realist” both brandishing armor and holding a plethora of weapons. Their weapons are visible yet ineffective at this distance. The sniper is too far away way, way too accurate; deadly accurate. Yet at least one will survive as the effect of a long distance bullet is obvious, sudden and frightening. 

The dark figure in crime data is the…


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Harvesting wild data: A pickers guide.

The old world original genus names for fruit trees were all named after women. Representing an implicit importance of relation a fruit bearing tree and its fruit to the human condition. A simple and elegant description between human perception and the reality of living.  Now we take liberty with fruit as it is available from all over the world any time of year. To look at a lovely ripe peach on a wonderful late summer day and to taste its wonderful essence over shadows the long rich story of…


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When Personal Security gets real

Large Scale Data Sharing made safe and simple.

As the web gets more personal some ideas spread like wild fire and others just fizzle. Things like tokenized payment systems that take many years in concept for success all it takes is one large corporation to adopt it to make it mainstream. The mobile application movement is a lot like this expanding into data sharing with concepts like menu sharing among families and friends for dinner. This  can be considered by some as a sign of a new…


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