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Composable Dataflows vs Python Scripts

I started to think more about the data prep and cleansing use cases, and why someone would choose to develop those as Composable Dataflows versus using something like Python scripts.  Yes, either one will get the job done, but there are factors like development time, debug-ability, execution speed, and re-usability which can be deciding factors.  By buying into the dataflow methodology, there are some big value…


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Hadoop is Dead. DataFlow is Alive!

We've given Hadoop almost 10 years to mature, invested billions, and very few companies are  seeing the return on investment.  Several companies have tried to make Hadoop a real-time analytical platform, incorporating SQL-like facades on top, but the latency is still not where it needs to be for interactive applications.  Even Google, a true big data user, has moved on and is using more dataflow / flow-based programming approaches.    Why?  It just makes sense...

  • Why should I…

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