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Machine Learning - Some Bones

Machine learning is a loose term, it covers many activities. From a software engineering…


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Safely sharing data through an api with alliance partners.

The following use case shows how an exchange of clean blended data can simplify the implementation of commercial and strategic alliances between businesses with a common interest.



The company is a Professional Sports Club. They operate their own sports stadium which is well…


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5 predictions for 2016 on data, analytics and machine learning

The first prediction is that data and analytics will continue to grow at an astounding pace and with increased velocity

This is no big surprise as all the past reports have pointed towards this growth and expansion -…


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3 reasons why companies are not engaging with data as much as they ought to

A look at a number of recent reports and surveys shows that while there is an appetite for using data more wisely, and an intention amongst top executives to use data more there are still many companies not using data as effectively as they could.

According to Hewlett Packard

  • 87% Of enterprises cannot fully exploit their data
  • 85% Cannot Analyse data quickly enough…

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Sharing data to form alliances

Data Centric Alliances

The advantages of forming alliances between companies are well understood, from the giants, such as IBM and Apple to collections of smaller enterprises the advantages are seen be the ability to:

  • Enter new markets.
  • Enhance product and service offering.
  • Extend market coverage.
  • Scale up production.
  • Benefit from bulk purchases.
  • Share costs of resources and…

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