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Prediction – the other dismal science?

An insightful person once said, “Prediction is like driving your car forward by looking only at the rearview mirror!”. If the road is dead-straight, you are good . . . UNLESS there is a stalled vehicle ahead in the middle of the road.

We should consider short-term and long-term prediction separately. Long-term prediction is nearly a lost cause. In the 80’s and 90’s, chaos and complexity theorists showed us that things can spin out of control even when we have perfect…


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BIG Data & Analytics, Data Science, Machine Learning - Random Insights!

#1: What really is BIG Data?

Today, we can store and process so much data that we have nearly captured reality; no more sampling biases/ errors or related issues - this is my definition of Big Data; not tera or peta bytes! If you have measured the entire population (or close to it) and not sample just a small fraction, resulting data is BIG Data!


#2: Analytics - what is in a name?

Analytics, Machine…


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