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Digital identity with continuous community validation

The idea is to develop a digital identity system where it is your community that continuously re-validates your identity. Your identity needs to be regularly revalidated by other members of the community holding valid identities. If your digital identity is not revalidated following an acceptable pattern, it quickly expires, in a matter of days. The revalidation pattern is not random: for example, it is not acceptable that you get validated that you get constantly revalidated by the same…


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Building an expert system for NLP

Smart tags process: an algorithm for efficiently extracting useful information from a piece of text and storing it in a retrieval system.

The knowledge is extracted by asking the reader to answers a certain number of questions. Every time the answers to a question is yes, specifics tags are collected and stored. Every time the answer to a question is no, specific tags are also collected and stored. Some question ask the user to select in a list. In this case, all the elements…


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Using blockchain to create knowledge products in a decentralized and transparent way: Justification and roadmap

The problem this blockchain project is trying to solve is allowing a number of people to create a knowledge product in a decentralized way, without a person dictating who should contribute and who should not. Whose contribution to the knowledge product will be accepted or rejected is done by a consensus of all participating members. The system should allow transparently assessing and scoring the contribution of each of the participant to the final product. The system should also allow…


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Feasibility of a personal knowledge management system based on statistical analysis and data mining

We start from the principle that natural language is too complex for computer programs, that’s why it is difficult to have simple programs that can mine natural language in an effective way. Therefore, if we could find a way to simplify the language, it would make it easier to design computer-assisted knowledge management programs. The proposed approach is to simplify the natural language into sequences of predefined keywords. The translation from the natural language to the list of keywords…


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Official statistics and bounded rationality research questions

During a session of the 46th session of the UN Statistical Commission on the the post-2015 development agenda, UN Deputy Secretary-General Jan Eliasson said data will be the “lifeblood of decision-making and the raw material for accountability” in the new agenda and called for a statistical framework that would meet such expectations (…


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The 'computationally expensive' approach to confidentiality in the big data era

Big data is giving promises of new opportunities for official statistics. But at the same time, it is raising issues of confidentiality. With massive data sets being made available, re-identification can be a real threat to confidentiality.

What if we could allow people to link different datasets for their studies, but put a limit to the number of datasets they can link? This way, it will never be possible to get all the records on an individual, even though it is still possible to…


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