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Don't Buy Machine Learning

Author: Marcos Sponton

A few comments for those who are about to invest on Machine Learning intensive project

During a conversation I had with Peter Norvig, we discussed about the kind of projects that we do at Machinalis and how strange does it feels to say that "we are a Machine Learning company": In many projects, the amount of effort spent on R&D on Machine Learning is usually a small fraction of the total effort, or it’s not even there because we plan it for a…


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6 Tips on Providing Tailored Data Science Services

At  Machinalis we work daily on projects that fall within the area known today as Data Science. Here are 6 tips and learned lessons for people who want to provide a sustainable data science service and don’t want to avoid the mistakes that we made.

  1. Provide a Service, Not Just Data Science: Although it might sound obvious, if you love the technical aspects of your work, you risk falling in love with the challenge. The ultimate goal of a data science…

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Short story on scaling an NLP problem without using a ton of hardware.

The cornerstone of the small work done for getting the info for these great charts with IEPY, was to be able to catch mentioned companies.

Click here for an interactive version of this chart…


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