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Rise of online real money gaming; and how it can grow with its offline counterpart?

For long, the real money gaming industry had carried the persona of bright and shiny casinos, roulettes, long rows of slot machines, high stake poker tables, etc. However, in the world where internet has penetrated into each and every aspect of our lives, gaming is no exception. Online gaming has gained tremendous eyeballs over the past few years. In its latest avatar, online gaming has added another subset that involves real money. While it has been existent worldwide for quite some time…


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Gamification: Realizing Elusive Engagement!

Game mechanics help penetrate the walls that consumers have erected to filter out the deluge of information that increasingly clutters their digital space.

Gamification: The rumbling concept

Gamification is a buzzword that has crept into all industry verticals in the recent years –…


Added by Sumit Prasad on September 10, 2014 at 8:52pm — 1 Comment

Beyond the 4 Ms of Manufacturing

The industrial revolution of the 1800s established the building blocks of Manufacturing as we know it today. Man, Machine, Material and Method were connected together to form an intricate system on which manufacturing processes and its operational dynamics were based. The resulting complexity of such a system however, has resulted in ineptitudes which have become difficult…


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How Cross Pollination Helps Organizations to Ideate & Innovate?

One of the marvels that the age of data and technology presents is the ability to analyze and determine the minutest of details in the world today. Several of these innovative breakthroughs pass unnoticed under the gaze of daily life. Yet it is this dissemination of data and integration of innovation that is intrinsic the modern world. One field which has risen from the fore of the data deluge is ‘…


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