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Data Analytics and Visualization In Insurance Industry

Human life is highly unpredictable, and in order to mitigate the ill effects of this unpredictability, the concept of insurance was born. As the world around is getting more complex and advanced, the rising intensity of unpredictability is not only boosting the insurance sector but also making things more challenging and difficult for the business enterprises in this sector. Thankfully,  and analytics visualization are coming forward as potential game changers in the sector and enabling…


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Why Small Business Needs Big Data?

Small business enterprises are being said to be the biggest game changer in the current global business scenario. Needless to say, big data and data analysis tools are definitely going to play a vital role in this context, while a variety of data analysis software solutions is all ready to power this revolution.


How Big Data Is Going To Transform Your Business?

Every single human activity taking place across the globe generates data creating an extremely…


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Electronics OEMs Realizing Huge Savings with Data Visualization & Analytics

Introduction to OEMs

The increasing complexity of smart products, more demanding users, and stiff competition are driving the focus of electronics OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) on product quality and productivity. These companies are struggling to improve their operations to increase their production yield, operational efficiency, and product quality. This has been driving demand for  Data Visualization & Analytics solutions over the past few years and as part of their…


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3 Ways To Drive Effective HR Insights Using Data Analytics

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Data Analytics has become the buzzword in the world of business today. An effective Human Resource or HR management is one of the most important corporate responsibilities to ensure smooth business operations. Therefore, the growing role of data analytics in HR can not be ignored at all. Broadly…


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