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Python Software for Clustering

In an earlier description of clustering algorithms we described an algorithm by which locally optimum partitions and center of gravity of multi-dimensional vectors/points may be obtained. If only one or two dimensional data are considered the optimum partitioning to obtain the so-called Voronoi regions are known. For one-dimension it is the interval while for two-dimensions it is hexagon (think of honey-bee nests or cellular…


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Clustering – Algorithms for Partitioning and Assignments

K-means algorithm is a popular and efficient approach for clustering and classification of data. My first introduction to K-means algorithm was when I was conducting research on image compression. In this applications, the purpose of clustering was to provide the ability to represent a group of objects or vectors by only one object/vector with an acceptable loss of information. More specifically, a clustering process in which the centroid of the cluster was optimum for the cluster and the…


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