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Mistakes that most of the analysts do in their analytics

In the field of data science or analytical sciences, any solution can be potential to solve any problem. But, to derive such prospective solutions, the following are the top common mistakes in their practice. 

  1. Unable to apply common sense and subject matter expertise for providing solutions to any given problem using analytical tools and…

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A Process to minimize the gap between research and its applications

Human history is numerous pieces of evidence, doctrine, theologies through logic, and by extensive research in every field exists in the universe. 

There is a huge gap between research and its practical application. Studies should conduct with enormous responsibility with extreme efforts, but which has a very minimal effect on real-world problems. The majority of the research across the globe appears only in a few journals (s) /books / digital form or in a printed…


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Retail Analytics - Practical Issues to be considered

Initiating the LPG (Liberalization, Privatization, and Globalization) policies, the consumer behaviour is also changed drastically with their preferences and choices of the products available in the market. Consumers are demanding Global Products at Local Markets. Consumer Point of View (40-60% of the total consumer’s of the economy or total population), with available time if he found more products available (all different products at one place), he will ready to pay higher prices. Retail…


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"Common Mistakes in practice" of analytics

  1. Ignoring to apply Commonsense and practical knowledge in using analytical tools in providing solutions to the given problem.
  2. The results are highly biased towards models (tools and techniques), but unable to realize the importance of the problem; and its basic sampling techniques.
  3. By Ignoring root causes (i.,e proper investigation, deep analysis of the customized problem), Analytics are providing mid-way solution; which is not adequate.
  4. Analytical…

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