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Achieving Analytics Sophistications


In today’s world, a successful organization has to achieve data and analytics competencies to stay…


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Data Science Best Practices



1. Introduction

2. The Four Pillars of Success        in Analytics

3. Analytics…


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Image Recognition Revolution and Applications

Data, in particular, unstructured data has been growing at a very fast pace since mid-2000’s. Eighty percent of all data generated is unstructured multimedia content which fails to get focus in organizations’ big data initiatives. A good portion of this multimedia content is images and videos. Readily available smart wireless devices along with the rising popularity…


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Machine Learning vs. Traditional Statistics: Different philosophies, Different Approaches

"Machine Learning (ML)" and "Traditional Statistics(TS)" have different philosophies in their approaches. With "Data Science" in the forefront getting lots of attention and interest, I like to dedicate this blog to discuss the differentiation between the two. I often see discussions and arguments between statisticians and data miners/machine learning practitioners on the definition of "data science" and its coverage and the required skill sets. All is needed, is just paying attention to the…


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10 Required Non-technical Skills for a Data Scientist

"Data Science(DS)" is nothing new but the term itself and the recent level of interest in it. As a practice it has commercially (not academically) existed for more than 25 years, mainly under "Data Mining (DM)" and "predictive analytics(PA)," since early 1990's. DM and PA got a lot of traction originally in financial, Telco, and retail industries that had a lot of granular historical data. Like anything that gets sudden attention and interest, DS has been misused and abused in a variety of…


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What is DS-BuDAI?

What is DS-BuDAI?

Data science[1] (covering data mining and related practices) is a multidisciplinary field that requires knowledge of a number of different skills, practices, and technologies, including but not limited to machine learning, pattern recognition, mathematics, programming, algorithms, statistics, and databases. In the…

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The Age of Data Innocence is Over

When I try to explain Data Science and Analytics to business people or those interested in these fields, I use the following example to describe the four pillars of: Data, Platform/Tools, Algorithms, and know-how.

To me, "data" is like a collection of bones (say of an animal) scattered around, some clean and some hidden in dirt.  If these pieces are collected and put together correctly, it will mimic or resemble the real skeleton of that animal.  Some of the bone pieces  are…


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Analytics Divide and Big Data

In a research report on analytics by MIT and IBM (Kiron, et al. 2011), three progressive levels of analytical sophistication for organizations are defined as aspirationalexperienced, and transformed (See Table 1). In transformed organizations, analytics is used at all levels, day to day, strategically. It is considered an integral part of everything, including the culture. These organizations have high proficiency in both data management and…


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What Constitutes a Big Data Scenario (Part 2): Human vs. Machine Generated Data

Originally posted here. 

For more information and orders, visit the book site for "High-Performance Data Mining and Big Data Analytics: The Story of Insight from Big Data" (http://bigdataminingbook.info ).

It is projected that growth in…


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What Defines a Big Data Scenario?

Big data is a new marketing term that highlights the everincreasing and exponential growth of data in every aspect of our lives. The term big data originated from within the open-source community, where there was an effort to develop analytics processes that were faster and more scalable than traditional data warehousing, and could extract value from the vast amounts of unstructured and semistructured data produced daily by web users. Consequently, big data origins are tied to web data,…


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Big Data Mining and Big Data Analytics

In three previous posts, I made an attempt to describe Data Mining, Data…

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Ten General Principles in Data Mining/Science

Through years, working with different clients and applications, I have found a set of data mining general principles that also hold through in the context of big data.  These are all listed in my book. Here I enumerate them using the terminology I have used in the book:
  1. Use of “all the data” is not equivalent to building the deepest Analytics Dataset (ADS) in terms of…

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Book Introduction: High-Performance Data Mining and Big Data Analytics

Technical Title: High-Performance Data Mining and Big Data Analytics

Business Title: The Story of Insight From Big Data

Book Site: …


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