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Five Big Mistakes to Avoid while Using Big Data

Trying to figure out how you can employ Big Data to grow your business? Make sure you’re not jumping onto the Big Data bandwagon unprepared. The best of technologies and systems can fail if not implemented properly. Big data experts shed light on a few critical aspects to look out for.

We’ve tried to enlist some important pointers below that you need to keep in mind while dealing with Big Data. Avoiding these five big mistakes will help you avoid some Big Data blunders.



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Academic Data: Are freelance experts necessary to handle it?

Research in universities often benefits from the structured environment of academia. Unlike in small business or industry settings, intra-mural (within university) collaborations allow various experts to contribute to the research. Generally, academia does not suffer from a shortage of expertise due to collaborative efforts.

However, not all collaborations succeed and mistakes happen. David Broockmann, a political science expert who was back then a graduate student of UC Berkeley,…


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Small Businesses and Data Science: Are freelance experts the missing link?

If your dream of owning a small business has come true, then perhaps you are looking forward to the next nightmare – expanding your small business. Irrespective of the direction chosen for expansion, whether targeting a new market or trying to win a new contract, most entrepreneurs today agree that their expansion efforts would benefit from the insights offered by data science.  The data collected from sales, operations and trends on social media are increasingly valued to develop business…


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Data analysis: Benefits and challenges for small and medium businesses

In this time and age of information overload it’s important for businesses to remain abreast of market dynamics, understand consumer behavior, and take decisions accordingly. More information is available about user behavior than ever before, and businesses haven’t had an equally great opportunity to take informed decisions based on hard-core data. This is why the enormous amount of data available makes data analysis an indispensable tool for growing businesses.

Gone are the days when…


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Two reasons why businesses need to pay heed to data analytics

Big Data is a big word in the tech world. One look at the highly popular hashtag #BigData reveals how it is gaining increasing credence. There’s a lot of talk about Big Data and how data analytics can help drive and turn around businesses. However, many people and companies are yet to come to terms with what exactly can Big Data deliver for their business.

I remember walking to a major shoe store brand outlet a few years ago. To my surprise, I had to look around and call for someone…


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Data Science: A tool for making better decisions

Behind every successful person, there is tons of coffee.

Successful or not or on way to success, coffee is the beverage of choice for many of us. Today a coffee drinker faces a ‘choice overload’ problem – there are too many varieties, blends, and roasts to choose from. Is there a way to simplify this problem? How can data science help us to streamline our choices without sacrificing individual preferences?

Data science refers to knowledge discovery from large volumes of…


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