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What does it take to be data scientist at Uber

Among the marquee brands that a data science professional would like to join, Uber is likely to be top of many lists. But do you really have what it takes to become a Uberite?

BigInsights Principal Raj Dalal met up with Uber’s Chief Data Architect M C Srivas on a recent visit to San Francisco, where, in the course of the hour-long…


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How Uber Depends on Data Analytics to Deliver Extreme Customer Service – Face To Face With Uber’s Chief Data Architect

From a simple limo hailing app for friends to the world’s go-to taxi app. Uber’s growth in the approximately 7 years of existence can be described by one word, “Phenomenal”.

But there’s another way to define Uber, one that not many have given thought to.  Uber is a Big Data company, on the likes of Google and Amazon. It not only uses existing…


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Why The Aviation Industry Needs to Hurry Up With IoT Implementation

With their billions of annual captive customers, one would think that airports, and by logical extension, airlines, were prime candidates for the implementation of the Internet of Things (IoT) technology to improve passenger experience, yet, there’s not been much progress there.

Yes, airlines…


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Case Study: How a global gaming company used data analytics to beat the odds

It may be in the entertainment domain but Wargaming’s data analytics operations are as humongous as that of any Fortune 500 company. Wargaming is a leader in the free-to-play Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) game market across all gaming platforms – PC, console and mobile.


Just to get a grasp of the enormity…


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IoT Analytics – Living on the Edge is the way forward for now

Everyone’s talking of the Internet of Things (IoT) and the impact it’s started to make even on day to day lives. Yet, more than anything, it’s also becoming increasingly clear that analysis of the IoT data will be the differentiator between those who simply collect data and those who “use” it to drive their businesses.…


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