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How healthcare professionals can take advantage of the holiday season on social media

If you are a healthcare professional, then you are probably more focused on caring for your patients than on expanding your brand. But it's a good idea to spend some time learning basic marketing so that you can ensure you always have more patients. Pretty soon, the holiday season will be upon us. As a care provider, you can capitalize on the season and use social media to spread awareness of your brand. In this post, we will list a few tips on exactly how to do that.…


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How Google's Results Page has Changed Over the Years

Google changes its search algorithms around 500 to 600 times within a year. Most of this changes are minor, but sometimes Google makes a "major" algorithmic update such as the famous (Google Penguin and Google Panda) affecting the results in significant ways. For marketers, these…


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Do you have these 6 skills to be a manager?

Do You Have These Six Skills to Be a Manager?


People want to become managers for a variety of reasons. The most common reasons that candidates desire to be managers are pay increase, status, power and authority. However, being a manager is so much more than getting to say “I’m the boss” and flaunting one’s status. A manager has a heap of responsibilities, and that person can lose his or her position in a…


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What Silicon Valley is Doing to Make Big Data More Secure in 2016

With the cloud changing the way modernizations of big data is done, service providers and security organizations have to work harder to ensure security of Big Data to their consumers. The reason for increased security breaches is because the traditional security technologies have no capacity required to detect and protect against such attacks. In…


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The Benefits of Media Marketing for Healthcare Professionals

Social media sites are strategically designed network platforms with the sole purpose of luring our attention to a specific brand, service, product or movement. This innovational tool in marketing allots healthcare professionals a means to lucrative prospect gain and growth by applying basic internet marketing techniques to social media sites.


Prior to…


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Agile Testing Practices for BPM System Implementation

A Business Process Management (BPM) project implementation is almost always a highly iterative process. In order to realize return on investment sooner rather than later, a full scale BPM project can be designed to implement sub-projects that capture immediate ROI. But even if a full scale…


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How Big Data is Affecting Those Facing Disabilities

In todays data driven world people are figuring out how to use data for far more than just profit. Data can be used to help bring about change and encourage social good in our world. With so many new digital tools accessible for the blind and deaf we have mountains and mountains of new and important data on how this part of the population interacts with the digital world. In an ethical and safe way we can look at this information to help improve the lives of those facing such…


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The Top Cloud Computing Vulnerabilities and Threats

Cloud computing vulnerabilities

When contemplating to migrate to cloud computing, you have to consider the following security issues for you to enhance your data safety.

Session Riding

Session riding occurs when an online attacker steals an internet user’s cookie to use the application later as the real user. The attackers might also use the CSRF attacks for them to trick the user to send authentic requests to…

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Big Data & Wearables: Is the Benefit Worth The Risk?

Wearable technology is a type of device that is worn by a user and often includes tracking information related to their health and fitness which it can then upload to the cloud. Other wearable tech includes devices that have motion sensors and cameras to take photos and sync with your mobile devices. Wearable devices can be quite useful, but they may present a huge danger to your privacy.

So far, the market has consisted mainly of early adopter businesses…


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Cloud Services: Open Source vs. Proprietary

Open source and proprietary cloud services both aim to provide end-users with reliable software. Some users prefer the backing of a large company like Amazon or Microsoft, with a tailored list of compatible programs and services. Others prefer the interoperability and flexibility of open source alternatives like OpenStack or Eucalyptus. It's not necessarily an issue of right or wrong, for some people open source software is the obvious choice. Those who want more managed solutions…


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Are You Concerned Over Systems Security? Cloud Systems Can Be Vulnerable.

In the past couple of months we have seen several major cyber attacks ranging from the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) to American Airlines. In addition these well known breaches  more than 150 other major data breaches have occurred. This has resulted in the theft of more than 250 million confidential records. Naturally this concerns many large organizations and is leading to massive security infrastructure over halls amongst many fortune 500 organizations.



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