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The Complete Data Science LinkedIn Profile Guide

Why Data Scientists Should Be Using LinkedIn

To date, there are more than 830,000 data science LinkedIn profiles registered worldwideDespite this number of Data Scientists available/in roles online currently, it’s no secret there is still a major talent shortageIn fact,…


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Data Science report reveals a confident market for 2019

Throughout 2018, we conducted an online survey of Data Science professionals across Europe. This has led to a fantastic response, garnering over 800 participants from students to C-level across Data Science. The report delves further into salaries and benefits, industry sectors, technical skills and more.


It’s no secret that Data Science is a candidate driven market. We’re still seeing a skills gap as more companies expand their Data Science and Machine Learning efforts. This…


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Academia to Industry: Applying Your PhD In Business

After years of working on your PhD and being in academia, transitioning into a Data Science career can be a culture shock.


It’s important to understand how the roles you are wanting to apply to vary; what industry is it in? What are the main focus of the projects? Who will you be working alongside? What are the end goals the team would be working on achieving? Does your chosen industry have anything to do with your PhD and academic research?


‘Data Scientist’…


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Are You Ready To Become A Chief Data Scientist?

You know who you are. A high-calibre machine learning magician, a well-versed wrangler of data... but you want a bit more from your role. That may be progression, more money or the chance to work on new, more exciting projects, but where do you go from here?


Many companies are looking to increase investment in data science departments and looking for leaders to build out new teams to do this. But before you take the plunge into the C-level, weigh up what this role entails and…


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5 Common Non-Technical Interview Questions... and Answers

It can be difficult to know what to expect when going for an interview. Data Science interviews will require candidates to answer technical questions, and often take on technical exercises depending on the company and role you’re going for.

But often overlooked is the talk about soft skills, such as communication skills business savvy, creativity and impact your work has had in the past.

Here is a selection of non-technical questions you could get asked to help you prepare for…


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5 Questions To Prepare You For Your Next Data Science Interview

Sat across from the interviewer for your dream job, you may start to feel the pressure. A sure-fire way to quash the interview jitters is to prepare as much as possible. Typically, you can segment the types of questions you’ll get asked in a data science interview; things such as statistics, programming and technical ability, business acumen, and culture fit assessment. Studying up on these will help you prepare as best you can. 


Here are some examples of what you…


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MIT IQ Initiative Is Taking A Different Approach To AI Research

“By tapping the united strength of these and other interlocking fields and capitalizing on what they can teach each other, we seek to answer the deepest questions about intelligence — and to deliver transformative new gifts for humankind.” -- Rafael Reif, President of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology


The current socio-economic and political global climate is cause for concern. Global instability from rising nuclear tensions, political…


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Aspiring Data Scientists - Get Hired!

Working in Data Science recruitment, we’re no strangers to the mountains you have to climb and pitfalls faced when getting into a Data Science career. Despite the mounting demand for Data Science professionals, it’s still an extremely difficult career path to break into. The most common complaints we see from candidates who have faced rejection are lack of experience, education level requirements, lack of opportunities for Freshers, overly demanding and confusing job role…


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Why You Need To Keep Learning In Data Science

You’ve made it!


The years of hard work and gaining experience in your field has finally paid off. You’re a Data Scientist! You’re a part of an innovative, forward-thinking team working on exciting, world-changing projects. You’ve got a great salary and tasty benefits package, flexible working and not an uncomfortable suit and tie in sight. Time to put down the books and enjoy the ride? Absolutely not! Quite the opposite in fact, and here is…


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Data Science Salary Survey Report (USA, Europe, APAC) 2018

Throughout 2017, we conducted an online salary survey open to a range of data science professionals in order to capture data to help us better understand the market.

We’ve selected data spanning USA, Europe, and APAC to offer a detailed cross-examination of the Data Science landscape. Through this, we’ve gained great insight into pay and benefits, job satisfaction, technical abilities, and education.

Some key finds  

Our key finds are mainly…


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Data Science, Machine Learning, and AI Conferences and Events 2018

We’ve compiled a list of the hottest events and conferences from the world of Data Science, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence happening in 2018.

Below are all the links you need to get yourself to these great events!


17th – 19th



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Data Scientists - How To Perfect Your Resume!

The demand for data scientists is rapidly increasing as companies come up to speed with the fourth industrial revolution. The industry is expanding at an exponential rate meaning the term data scientist is becoming ever more ambiguous.  This means it is time to move away from the buzz words and start showing hiring managers the impact that you have had.


It’s time for a new resume.

Moving away from the classic resume style that lists ALL of…


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Data Scientists - Are You Prepared For Your Next Interview?

You’ve perfected your CV, got great experience under your belt, maybe a PhD and can wrangle data amongst the finest but just how prepared are you for your next interview?

Just the thought of the face-to-face interview stage is enough to strike fear into the bravest of us.  Here are a few things to keep in mind and stave off the sweaty palm syndrome. (Bonus tip – if you are prone to perspire through the palm, remember to use a…


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Is Big Data Eliminating Gut Feel in Business?

Many of us trust our gut feeling implicitly.


We have all been there when something didn’t feel right but done it anyway. There was nothing obvious to suggest that it was a bad idea. Yet, when it turns out to be a disaster we wonder why we didn’t listen to that gentle little voice: “don’t do it.”


It seems that our gut feel is some magical force, but actually, it is an accumulation of thousands of tiny past moments, all informing our current situation. You could…


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Frankenstein's Data Scientist


Much like Dr. Frankenstein’s creation, the modern Data Scientist is made up of different parts to fully create an unstoppable data science Prometheus. To get ahead, you must exhibit both technical and soft skills; a smorgasbord of different technical, personal and business skills. 


Frankenstein made a monster of different body parts, so let's have a bit of fun this Halloween, and see what his Data Scientist be made…


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To PhD or not to PhD?


...That is the question.


Further study often seems the most appealing route to go down, and for many companies out there it’s often heralded as a must have for data science, but it isn’t always so and isn’t always pivotal in advancing your career.


To Ph.D.


A Ph.D. is your own original, unique research…


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Would You Give Up Your Data For Science?

The world is not as private a place as it might seem.

Even though you might be sitting quietly at work, on your way back home on the train or relaxing in front of the latest Netflix series, your life is being scrutinised. Some of the data will be for your eyes only, and there is a certain amount of choice as to what is in the public domain, but much of the snooping is still done without our knowledge or consent.

The data genie is well and truly out of the bottle, but if he is…


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Creativity Is Crucial In Data Science

Data science might not be seen as the most creative of pursuits.

You add a load of data into a repository, and you crunch it the other end to draw your conclusions. Data in, data out, where is the scope for creativity there? It is not like you are working with a blank canvas.

For me, the definition of creativity is when you are able to make something out of nothing. This requires an incredible amount of imagination, and seeing past the obvious headline…


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