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10 Resources to Help You Stop Doing Pie Charts


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10 Companies Looking to Hire Deep Learning Experts

1) NJF Global Holdings (Hedge Fund) - Hiring for about 7 Positions in New York City


NJF Global Holdings Is one of the leading Quantitative Hedge Funds in the world that applies a fully systematic approach to investing across global financial markets. The firm’s investment approach uses statistical and machine / deep…


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Machine Learning in Javascript- A compilation of Resources

One of the beauties of running Javascript related applications is you don’t need to install any client side software, optimize servers and spend tons of time on the core infrastructure. Javascript just work outs of the core browser. In that spirit, there is a lot of increasing momentum on building Machine Learning in Javascript. We have collected a list of resources on Javascript…


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Document Similarity Analysis Using ElasticSearch and Python

Elasticsearch is an open source search engine based on Lucene. Its being used by leaders in the market like Wikipedia, Linkedin, ebay etc. It has an official python client elasticsearch-py



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Regression Prediction using AWS Machine Learning

We wanted to be able to predict median rent of a place given the median price of the home, median household income of the place and the percentage of homes vacant in that place. The data can be downloaded from…


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R Functions for Exploratory Analysis, Data Frame Merging & Map Displays

Given below is a list of R functions for quickly exploring the key attributes of the data set. The data set is based on car prices & insurance…


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Using Python on Azure Machine Learning Studio

AzureML is the cloud hosted machine learning platform on top of Microsoft’s cloud platform. Readers of Data Science Central will realize that AzureML have hosted a few webinars…


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OpenStreetMap Visualization Case Study & Sample Code

OpenStreetMap (OSM) is a tool for creating and sharing map information. Anyone can contribute to OSM, that OSM maps are saved on the internet, and anyone can access them at any time. The growth of OSM has been phenomenal over the years and the number of registered users contributing to OSM is nearly 2 Million.…


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Analysis of Insurance Analytics Careers & Job Postings

As part of a deeper dive into domain specific analytic careers, we are exploring the Insurance industry. The below data & charts gives context & explains the opportunities for an analytics careers in Insurance.

Our first examination involved analyzing the top insurance companies hiring for analytics related positions.  The below chart shows the open job postings where the title was “Data Science” or “Analytics” or “Actuary” & plural or related word. We found a total of 185…


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Visualize Your Data Using Silk.co

Creating interactive visualizations of your data for web is a cakewalk using silk.co, all you need to do is to import your spreadsheet and start generating your interactive visualizations

You need to sign in to start creating visualizations on silk.co. If you dont have an account, signing up is easy. All you need is a name, an email id and a password, and the account is created immediately

Add your data…


Added by Vozag on April 22, 2015 at 2:30am — 1 Comment

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