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How Does an SD-Wan Power your SaaS Solution?

When it comes to delivering SaaS then you need to ensure that every part of your enterprise can access the services it needs when it comes to using products. This is perfectly fine when you have a relatively stable infrastructure that consists of people based in permanent offices. But what if you have a mobile workforce, or a workforce that is constantly working out of temporary accommodation or locations, this is where an SD-Wan can assist you. We look at…


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Traditional AI vs Machine Learning and Where Data Labeling Comes into Place

Traditional artificial intelligence (AI) has come on in leaps and bounds from its earliest beginnings, but it did hit a roadblock. As fast as mainframe computers could run computations, they were only as smart as the programmers who accessed the data and coded how to look at it. The computer program – the AI – lacked the ability to know or truly understand the data it was seeing.

A new approach was needed to radically change how coding AI was approached. Only this way could computers…


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The Importance of Data Security in Healthcare Communications

Proper delivery of healthcare requires clear, accurate and timely communication between medical professionals, caregivers and patients. The challenge for many organizations is protecting the data from unauthorized access and privacy breaches while achieving this. Let’s discuss the importance of data security in healthcare communications before addressing how this can be accomplished.

The Legal Mandate

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act,…


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Excel's New BI Tools and How They Can Help a Business

Are you using the latest analytics tools and technologies in your business? The leading organisations in most industries commit a lot of time and resources to these types of systems and they are reaping the rewards as a result of this effort and investment. Excel's new BI tools, in particular, are changing the way many business owners and business decision makers view their business analysis strategies and they are using these types of tools more often. Below is an explanation of what these…


Added by Boris Dzhingarov on July 11, 2017 at 10:30pm — No Comments

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