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The multiple facets of data science

Operations research (including Monte Carlo…


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Sometimes outliers are real data

How do you know if an outlier is the result of a data glitch, or a real data point -- indeed maybe not an outlier. Difficult question to answer, but the chart below shows that in some cases, the outlier is not an error.

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Source: http://www.businessinsider.com/life-expectancy-vs-healthcare-spending-2014-3

In this example, you could argue that we are not…


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Turning visitors into sales: seduction vs. analytics

The context here is about increasing conversion rate, from website visitor to active, converting user. Or from passive newsletter subscriber to a lead (a user who opens the newsletter, clicks on the links, and converts). Here we will discuss the newletter conversion problem, although it applies to many different settings.…


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R in your browser

Note: The domain RonCloud.com seems dead now. Read the comment section below for alternatives.

You have to see it to believe it. Go to roncloud.com and you can enter R commands in the browser-embedded console. Wondering how easy it would be…


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Are you a geek or a nerd?

Or something else. I could not resist to post this chart:

Source: http://slackprop.files.wordpress.com/2013/06/geeknerd-plot-01.png…


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The NSA data privacy scandal: a different point of view

There's a lot of talk these days about how governments use all the data they can put their hands on, to monitor every individual in the world. Capabilities offered by big data storage and analytic processing are immense, when in the hands of professional, capable data scientists.  Last week the National Security Agency was under the spotlight, a month ago it was the IRS (Income Revenue Service) for a biased auditing …


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Data scientists dictate what we eat

Indirectly of course. There are other factors too, such as regulations which make it illegal to sell un-pasteurized milk, horse meat, foie gras, etc., but the biggest factor influencing what the average American eats is the margin the grocery store makes on the products it sells. This explains why you can't get redcurrants or passion fruits anymore, but you'll find plenty of high energy drinks and food rich in sugar…


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Universities Offering Business Intelligence and Analytics

Source: www.statslice.com/university-report. They will add updates to the report as they get additional feedback.

Please email them at [email protected] to provide updates or additions.…


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Data Scientist Demographics

The graphs below show demographics for two popular but totally unrelated analytic websites. The demographics are strikingly similar.

USA is still the #1 country by far. Visitors from India spend more time on the site. Although you can't tell from these charts, US visitors tend to have more senior / manager roles, while in India…


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7 big data articles published in mainstream newspapers

Unlike our "articles from top news outlels" which features articles from tech publications, the articles below were published in mainstream journals that are not targeted to tech people (e.g. USA Today, Seattle Times etc.) All of them talk about data, big data and analytics. It shows how big data and analytics have gained popularity over the last few years.…


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Facebook's new privacy violation: what do you think?

This Saturday, I've noticed that Facebook now displays a few new boxes on everyone's profile page (not just me). The box that worries me most is the one that shows all the places where you've traveled and where you've lived, including your current location.

To compound the problem, the box in question clearly…


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Seven tricky sentences for NLP and text mining algorithms

Actually, these are 7 types of language patterns that are difficult to analyse with automated algorithms:

  1. "A land of milk and honey" becomes "A land of Milken Honey" (algorithm trained on Wall Street Journal from the 1980's where Michael Milken was mentioned much more than milk)…

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Data science jobs not requiring human interactions

For the very smart data science geek who wants to avoid all kinds of social interactions (that is: having no boss, no employee, no colleague, no client, no customer, no contractors, no interaction with vendors etc.), there are a few options. All of them allows you to work from home. Some (when automated) allow you to not work at all. They can generate good complimentary income or (if scalable) great income.

In practice, these opportunities are not real jobs but rather entrepreneurial…


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