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35 books on Data Visualization

Originally posted on Big Data Made Simple.


1. The Visual Display of Quantitative…


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Should colleges pay a fine when students default? Not exactly, says data science.

This was the subject of a popular article on Slate, following Obama's idea to bail out people with student loan problems. Decision makers, lawyers, politicians (right or left) or journalists often make recommendations that do not make sense, that are bound to fail, because they lack analytic judgment. This case epitomizes this lack of analytic acumen, and I provide the correct solution if you want to make someone pay (other than the tax payer) for these defaults.…


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Three Fundamental Google rules detected thanks to data science

These are the most critical rules that digital publishers should follow, based on our data science studies.

Example where Google paid traffic results in more pageviews per visit than Google organic searches

1. How to get more Google organic traffic 

The amount of Google organic traffic that…


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Comprehensive list of data science resources

Here we blended together the best of the best resources posted recently on DSC. It would be great to organize them by category, but for now they are organized by date. This is very useful too, since you are likely to have seen old entries already, and can focus on more recent stuff. We plan to update this reference of references on a regular basis.…


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A Tour of Machine Learning Algorithms

Originally published by Jasonb on MachineLearningMastery.com.…Ensemble Learning Method


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100+ Interesting Data Sets for Data Science

Read full list if you find these examples interesting.…


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