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List of NoSQL Databases

Interesting article posted on NoSQL-database.org, listing 150 databases. Here are some highlights.

Databases are categorized in the following categories:

  • Wide Column Store / Column Families
  • Document Store
  • Key Value / Tuple Store
  • Graph Databases 
  • Multimodel Databases
  • Object Databases
  • Grid & Cloud Database Solutions
  • XML…

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Three interesting but little known programming languages

The descriptions below are from Wikipedia.

Julia Set



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The 10 Algorithms That Dominate Our World

Interested article published by…


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77 People Who Truly Have Written Interesting Things About Data

This list is a bit old (I think 2011), but it features a bunch of very interesting people, true data scientists who can't afford wasting their time to post on Twitter - unlike other similar lists published by journalists.

Featured DSC…


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50 big data companies to follow

Posted on Sandhill.…


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Proposal for a new type of scoring system

In digital analytics, scoring Internet traffic is used to detect click fraud, and to find types of search keywords that convert well (to a sale). Quite often (for large ad networks) conversion data is poor or challenging: some clicks have a 0.2% conversion rate, some have a 30% - depending on the type of website, price, product, conversion type and other factors (even hour of the day has an impact).…


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The Science News Cycle

Interesting cartoon, epitomizing innumeracy  (or simulated innumeracy). Necessary in today academia to survive and get grants.

Source: http://tapastic.com/episode/12010

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How the gap between data science and statistics grew over time

Very interesting article published by the American Statistical Association. The picture below compares computer science with statistical science - before (I guess the early nineties) versus now. The column labeled CS3 (CS for Computer Science) represents modern computer science, actually this is data science. What's left in statistics is for the reader to guess, I suppose.…


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72 Infographics about big data

From BigData-Startups. The infographics below is just one of them.

Here's the list:

  1. How The USA Federal Government Thinks Big With Data
  2. Are You Ready For The Future of the Internet of Things?
  3. How Big Data Centers Impact the Environment
  4. A Look Into How Data Centers Actually Work
  5. How Big Data Gives Retailers a…

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45 surprising facts about big data

Posted by…


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