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1,300 Technical Data Science / Algorithm Terms Defined

Very interesting list of algorithm, data science, machine learning, and computer science keywords. To check the definition for any keyword, go to xlinux.nist.gov. For whatever reasons, and like in many similar lists, the top three letters have more entries than subsequent letters, as if the editor suddenly became lazy when hitting letter D (maybe product developers create products that start with letter A, B, or C, to show up at the…


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36 Computer and Data Science Concepts Explained In Layman’s Terms

Broken down in eight categories.

1. Algorithms and Data Structures

  • Big O Notation
  • Sorting Algorithms
  • Recursion
  • Big Data - Let’s assume you have a leak in a water pipe in your garden. You take a bucket and some sealing materials to fix the problem. After a while, you see that the leak is much bigger that you need a plumber to bring bigger tools. In the meanwhile, you are still using the bucket to drain the water. After a while,…

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How do I learn machine learning?

This was a great question posted on Quora.com, and attracted many comments. Here we summarize the must interesting contributions for you.

Source for picture: …


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Great Github list of public data sets

Many data set resources have been published on DSC, both big and little data. Some associated with our data science apprenticeship. A list can be found here. Below is a repository published on Github, originally posted here. …


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40 Excel Tricks

First, let's start with an article featuring many great Excel functions, entitled 11 Advanced Excel Tricks That Will Help You Get An Instant Raise At Work. It describes the following Excel functions:

  • VlookupYou can use the VLOOKUP function to search the first column of a range…

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Mega collection of data science books and terminology

More than a thousand keywords with detailed explanations, and hundreds of machine learning / data science books categorized by programming language used to illustrate the concepts.

Here's a selection of keywords, from the mega-list

10 keywords starting with A, this is indeed a small subset of all the keywords starting with…


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Abridged List of Machine Learning Topics

Interesting list published on Startup.ml. Here are the main categories:

  1. Deep Learning
  2. Online Learning
  3. Graphical Models
  4. Structured Predictions
  5. Ensemble Methods
  6. Kernel Machines
  7. Hyper-parameter Optimization
  8. Optimization
  9. Graphs
  10. Hadoop / Spark
  11. GPU learning
  12. Julia
  13. Robotics
  14. Natural Language…

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50 great data visualizations

Interesting post. I think many of these visualizations are just pure art, but delivering no insight. So we selected a few of the most powerful ones for you.

The Iliad (whatever that means)…


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