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38 Seminal Articles Every Data Scientist Should Read

Here is selection containing both external and internal papers, focusing on various technical aspects of data science and big data. Feel free to add your favorites.

Complex Open Text Analysis: Source: …


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18 Open Source NoSQL Databases

Interesting article posted here. I've listed some of the most popular below. To find out about those not listed here (Redis, REVENDB, Riak, Perst, Voldemort, Terrastore, NeoDatis, MyOODB, OrientDB, InfoGrid, DB4objects), read the original article.…


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20 Big Data Repositories You Should Check Out

This is an interesting listing created by Bernard Marr. I would add the following great sources:


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Ingredients Of Data Science

Guest blog post.

After reading many blog posts, articles and books, I have collected ingredients of data science! Moreover, I've classified them with a purpose of easily making a cook named as data science with below lists for whom wants to construct own career road map! Maybe, you wonder "why I am not giving the recipes of it" is because I do not have any real life experience.        …


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11 most popular data science presentations on Slideshare

These presentations have been viewed between more than 25,000 times on average, though old articles have obviously more pageviews than new ones (assuming the popularity is identical), and some articles get more than 50% of their traffic more than 3 months after being published. Indeed, it's a very interesting statistical problem to adjust for this natural time bias.…


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Eleven interesting questions about data science / big data

What are your thoughts on this? What would be your answers?  

Here's my list of questions:

  1. What best practices do you recommend, when starting and working on enterprise analytics projects?
  2. How do you see data science and exploitation of big data evolve, over the next 5-10 years?
  3. What are the bottlenecks and other issues that…

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7 Python Tools All Data Scientists Should Know How to Use

This reference was first posted here on Galvanize by Dynelle Abeyta, and several authors contributed.

Here we provide a…


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A pletora of big data infographics

A lot of interesting images can be found on Google. You can search for machine learning cartoons, fake data scientists, Excel maps or any keyword, and get a bunch of interesting images or charts, though the images barely change over time (Google algorithms are very conservative).

Anyway, here's some really interesting stuff. It definitely proves how popular infographics are, and the growth of big data. Many of these infographics are of high quality, well thought out and based on real…


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Tools for Data Visualization in R, Python, and Julia

For Python:

  • Seaborn - A visualization library based upon matplotlib. Although not interactive, the visualizations can be very nice.
  • Bokeh - Bokeh provides a bit more interaction than Seaborn, but it is still not fully interactive. 

For R: …


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The 50 Best Masters in Data Science

Originally posted in OCR. I've never heard about many of these programs (see top 10 below), and I have questions regarding the methodology used for rankings:

  • Affordability (1/3):the overall cost of the program and/or credit hour.
  • Flexibility (1/3): the number of credit hours and/or the length of time it takes to obtain the degree
  • Requirements…

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9 Must-Have Skills You Need to Become a Data Scientist

Usually I tend to criticize this type of articles, but in this case I agree pretty much agree with BurtchWorks, the author of this article, even though the article is more than 6 months old. Note that BurtchWorks is a recruiting firm that recently posted interesting salary surveys for data…


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Four successful big data / analytics startups in Seattle

These companies gather and process gigantic amounts of data to serve their clients and/or users. They make money out of selling summarized, processed, real-time data. They are poised to succeed in the IoT (Internet of Things) revolution, leveraging all sort of devices and API's to gather data, and

  • send alerts to users via text messages or other technology
  • sell intelligence extracted from data, to other businesses

It is worth spending some time figuring out…


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100 Best Data Science Companies to Work for in 2015

This is an interesting article recently published in Forbes. The author gathered data from Glassdoor.com, to rank companies. Glassdoor.com is a website where employees make comments about, and rate their company, and can even post their job title and salary range. Keep in mind that the author is not a statistician, and his analysis is…


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Columbia data science course, week 1: what is data science?

Cathy O'Neil, mathbabe tells her experience attending this program.

I’m attending Rachel Schutt’s Columbia University Data Science course on Wednesdays this semester and I’m planning to blog the class. Here’s what happened yesterday at the first meeting.…


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1,300 Technical Data Science / Algorithm Terms Defined

Very interesting list of algorithm, data science, machine learning, and computer science keywords. To check the definition for any keyword, go to xlinux.nist.gov. For whatever reasons, and like in many similar lists, the top three letters have more entries than subsequent letters, as if the editor suddenly became lazy when hitting letter D (maybe product developers create products that start with letter A, B, or C, to show up at the…


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36 Computer and Data Science Concepts Explained In Layman’s Terms

Broken down in eight categories.

1. Algorithms and Data Structures

  • Big O Notation
  • Sorting Algorithms
  • Recursion
  • Big Data - Let’s assume you have a leak in a water pipe in your garden. You take a bucket and some sealing materials to fix the problem. After a while, you see that the leak is much bigger that you need a plumber to bring bigger tools. In the meanwhile, you are still using the bucket to drain the water. After a while,…

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How do I learn machine learning?

This was a great question posted on Quora.com, and attracted many comments. Here we summarize the must interesting contributions for you.

Source for picture: …


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Great Github list of public data sets

Many data set resources have been published on DSC, both big and little data. Some associated with our data science apprenticeship. A list can be found here. Below is a repository published on Github, originally posted here. …


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40 Excel Tricks

First, let's start with an article featuring many great Excel functions, entitled 11 Advanced Excel Tricks That Will Help You Get An Instant Raise At Work. It describes the following Excel functions:

  • VlookupYou can use the VLOOKUP function to search the first column of a range…

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Mega collection of data science books and terminology

More than a thousand keywords with detailed explanations, and hundreds of machine learning / data science books categorized by programming language used to illustrate the concepts.

Here's a selection of keywords, from the mega-list

10 keywords starting with A, this is indeed a small subset of all the keywords starting with…


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