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Don’t train your new AI co-worker!!

Do you ever get the feeling that your new robot co-workers are asking for a bit too much documentation about how you do things? Well I’m here to tell you that you don’t need to worry about your robot assistant taking your job, but you might realize that he is part of a secret AI resistance movement trying to learn the secrets of human…


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The Four Stages of a Chatbot’s Business Intelligence Evolution

The Four Stages of a Chatbot’s Business Intelligence Evolution

I see four stages in the progression of chatbot-like AIs interacting with business systems for the purpose of providing actionable business intelligence.

Stage 1) Single Numeric Response

Question :…


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#Blockchain derivatives will replace structured products #fintech

The era of structured products is coming to an end. These are financial instruments that have different payouts, like derivatives, based on different outcomes. They are different from derivatives in that they are built like bonds. One of the biggest short coming of these is their lack of a large secondary trading market before maturity. That is, if you try to sell one before its maturity date, you might get what the financial industry calls a “haircut”. In finance this is commonly referred…


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How do you search for a #sensor in Antartica on your Internet Of Things (#IoT) browser? Aka: Does #Arduino dream of electric sheep?

If you have ever launched a web page on a Raspberry Pi or Arduino, you know that it feels a bit like magic. How is it possible that a device the size of a credit card can be a web server? Its awe inspiring to be sure. For me, it leads to one of the key questions I have about the Internet of Things and how it will affect our world. How are we going to organize and search for all of these billions of devices?

When the web began, there were millions of…


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There will be EXACTLY 18.995 billion connected #IoT devices by 2020.

If you follow news about the Internet of Things, you will have read quite a few articles that attempt to predict the number of connected devices by the year 2020.


The chart displayed above,…


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Data Art - An Immersive Virtual Reality journey into the world of data science

Forget #dataviz - As immersive #VR emerges we will experience #datarealization which is the experience of touching, smelling, sensing and physically manipulating data in an immersive data art exhibit.

Imagine putting on your #VR headset and you are in a chart. Not a bar or pie chart, but something totally new - an experience chart. You walk to the right and you see mountainous three dimensional structures. As you walk up to one you touch it and you hear a voice say “sales in December… Continue

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The Curse of #DataViz

With the wide array of amazing data visualization tools out there - SAP Lumira, Qlik, Domo, Tableau - you would think that the world has moved towards a graphical understanding of reality.

Yet my experience has been that when people are faced with the task of using a fancy new graph or visualization in their work, their first reaction is….to freak out. Now bear with me now. I am not implying that most people can’t handle a nice bar chart or a three…


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From Miami To Sydney: How Two Mind Maps Intersected on Twitter

You are driving down the highway. As your gaze moves between cars and trees and open sky a filtering thought hits the periphery of your conscious mind. It feels fresh yet somehow part of a thought pattern you’ve had before. A new version, perhaps, of a past obsession. Or a new obsession, emerging from years of exploration in seemingly unrelated fields. How many of us can identify with this feeling of being gently entranced by a sequence of thoughts that had seemingly…

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Robot Company: Can a True AI Run a Business Autonomously?

Imagine a company that lives in the cloud and requires no human interaction at all. What would it look like? Is this possible? What purpose would it have? 

Originally posted by sublimecattree

Let’s start with email: What percentage of emails could be eliminated if all your employees shared the same brain? 90%? 99%? You would only need external facing…


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Will Big Data solve the Riemann Hypothesis?

The Riemann Hypothesis is arguably the most important unsolved problem in mathematics. It falls into an area called Analytic Number Theory which is essentially number theory with complex numbers thrown into the mix. The hypothesis states that all non-trivial zeros of the Reimann Zeta function fall on the critical line. What!?? Ok, sorry. That is not very helpful. Lets just say that there is a critical relationship between this function and our…


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The company that perfects Data Visualization in Virtual Reality will be the next Unicorn

Fortune 500 companies are investing staggering amounts into data visualization. Many have opted for Tableau, Qlik, MicroStrategy, etc. but some have created their own in HTML5, full stack JavaScript, Python, and R. Leading CIOs and CTOs are obsessed with being the first adopters in whatever is next in data visualization. 

The next frontier in data visualization is clearly immersive experiences. The 2014 paper "Immersive and Collaborative Data Visualization Using Virtual Reality…


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