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Data As Commodity: For Data Science Professional

What is a commodity?

Commodity are basic raw materials with certain standards that are used with other goods, commodity are often the basis of the production of various finished goods or services and then referred to as commodities (something made based on commodity). Some examples of commodity are seen from their types: metal (gold, silver, platinum, and copper); energy (crude oil and natural gas); livestock and agriculture (beef, mutton, rice, wheat, corn, soybeans,…


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Factors that contributed to the economic crisis in the USA

Problem detected

What factors contributed to the economic crisis in the United States of America?

The question above is actually also being asked by the people there (USA), and even the world community. With the value of each proportion (in percentage).

There are several things that need to be underlined, including:

  1. it is known, that financial factors have contributed 18% or the largest of the 7 factors + others.
  2. but, when viewed from consumer…

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Behind Social Media

As a provider of social networking services (social media) should filter out what data can be accessed by third parties. A sign "Like" for some people may not be so important, but do you know that based on that sign I can know who can be said to be influential (central person). It does not depend on the number of friends or followers, but…


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Big Data and Machine Learning (Google case)

The database is like a library building ... every book (information) that enters must be properly placed (processed systematically), when a number of books come then the officer should be recorded like a book code, ISBN, publisher, author, book title, and others. If a bookcase is full then it must increase the amount, if one floor is full of bookcases then it should increase the number of floors, if one building is full of bookcases then it should increase the number of buildings.



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Simple questions to measure the ability of a data scientist

Sometimes a recruiter will find difficult to know the skills of a data science before hiring. Here are some simple questions to measure the ability of a data…


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Image Classification With HSV Color Model Processing

Digital image processing is a discipline that studies image processing techniques. The image referred in this research is a static image form vision sensors (webcam). Mathematically, the image is a continuous function of light intensity on two-dimensional field. In order to be processed by a computer, an image should be presented numerically with discrete values. A digital image can be represented by a two-dimensional matrix f (x, y) consisting of M columns and N rows. In color image…


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Currency Data To Support My Prediction

Download Data : currency_data.csv



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Data Analysis Method: Mathematics Optimization to Build Decision Making

Optimization is a problem associated with the best decision that is effective and efficient decisions whether it is worth maximum or minimum by way of determining a satisfactory solution.

Optimization is not a new science. It has grown even since Newton in the 17th century discovered how to count roots. Currently the science of optimization is still evolving in terms…


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The Big Data Analytical Problems: Inflexible Data Structure, Storage Consumption, Inefficient Computing Process, Heterogeneity Problem, Only Deterministic

Big Data Reviews this time actually connect to my previous article entitled "Big Data Analysis" related to the benefits of what can be obtained by the Big Data platform. Current technological advances are able to condition a company to collect or store data from multiple sources that are in one container along with the increasing amount of data. Furthermore, the capacity of the…


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Big Data Analysis

Big Data is not just the ability to store large amounts of data, more important is what we can do to the data in that large volume, how we use the data with such large volumes. One of its uses is for data analysis needs. Big Data Analysis or Big Data Analysis can be done in order to assist the decision making process (Decision Support) and…


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Deep Learning: Artificial Intelligence Is Important?

You've probably comes to mind the question, whether the Artificial Intelligence (AI) is important ?; what are the benefits of AI for human life ?. So easy to understand I will deliver with a fictitious example, if the reader ever watched the movie Spiderman-2 wherein the antagonist named Dr. Octopus background a genius scientist who has discovered solar fusion energy, simply Dr. Octopus is able to create a clone of the sun in the lab, both in terms of form, the energy…


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Deep Learning (DL) versus Analysis Learning (AL)

At first I liked tinkering with computers and learn computer programming languages, after graduating high school I started to develop the concept of work on data processing and I've completed it. More recently the IT world the term Deep Learning (DL) number of campuses or institutions have been developing this concept, and many experts of computer data or data processing experts began to talk about it.

I do not know that it is actually a concept I have done resemblance to Deep…


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Regression (LR and MLR) and differences, not for the Economy. Professional analyst should be able to answer these three questions.

To produce a regression analysis of inference that can be justified or trustworthy in the sense that helpful. The term in the statistical methods that generate a linear the best estimator is not bias (best linear unbiased estimator) abbreviated BLUE. Then there are some other things that are also important to note, in which the data to be processed, must meet certain requirements. In terms of statistical methods some terms or conditions of the so-called classical assumption test. Because…


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