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TriaClick - Associative Semiotic Hypergraph technology on a Columnar DBMS

Screen Capture Demo of TriaClick, the latest release of TRIADB, a python console application that implements associative, semiotic, hypergraph technology on top of ClickHouse columnar DBMS and …


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Data Modelling Topologies of a Graph Database

The associative data graph database model is still a heavy hitter, stacking up well against property graphs and triples/quadruples. Expect a comeback.


There is a lot of confusion with the definition of graph databases. In my opinion, any definition that avoids any reference to the semantics of nodes and edges or their internal structure…


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A Quick Guide on How to Prevail in the Graph Database Arena


There are endless discussions on the databases arena about which DBMS is best suited for operational or data warehousing analytics, which one is the most efficient for online transaction processing, or which one is suitable for semantic integration. Recently graph databases are growing in popularity, especially in the enterprise space, and perhaps that adds more headache on those vendors that try to differentiate from competition…


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Towards a New Data Modelling Architecture - Part 2

Atomic Information Resource (AIR)

How do we design a data model, how do we connect data, how do we represent information, how do we store or retrieve them ? These are all fundamental questions in data modeling but there is a common key to unlock them. You have to start by defining a primitive information resource, and then understand how one can build complex information structures on top of…


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Associative Data Modeling Demystified - Part1

Relation, Relationship and Association

While most players in the IT sector adopted Graph or Document databases and Hadoop based solutions, Hadoop is an enabler of HBase column store, it went almost unnoticed that several new DBMS, AtomicDB previous database engine of …


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Associative Data Modeling Demystified - Part2

Association in Topic Map Data Model


In the previous article of this series we examined the association construct from the perspective of Entity-Relationship data model. In this post we demonstrate how Topic Map data model represents associations. In order to link the two we continue…


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