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A data science approach to studying the whale language

Modern audio sensors enables the recording of many hours communication between whales. But with thousands of hours being recorded, it is very difficult to analyze these data, profile it, and turn it into discoveries. That’s when data science comes to our aid.

One approach is to apply supervised machine learning to classify the sounds and identify the whale or species by their voice. Such an experiment can demonstrate that whale sounds can be analyzed automatically, but it does…


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Why is it so hard to train data scientists?

Some time ago I met a colleague who expressed her disappointment from two data scientists that she hired. These were the first employees with a data science degree hired by that company, and apparently did not meet the high expectations. She felt that in some cases the data scientists did not do work she could not do without them, and in other cases did not provide very useful insights.


I do not have specific information about the training and background of these two data…


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A quick start to automatic audio data analysis

In addition to the common use of speech-to-text algorithms, analysis of audio data can provide important knowledge. From sounds made by mechanical devices that pre-cursor an approaching failure to monitoring the dynamics of a crowd of people, audio data can provide important insights.


Fortunately, when using existing building blocks, automatic analysis of audio data is not a complicated task. One effective approach is using an audio feature extraction library, followed by…


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Is data science an academic discipline?

In the recent years academia has been making efforts to adjust to the growing demand for data science and data scientists. These include academic journals dedicated to data science and big data, as well as scientific meetings and conferences. But despite these signs of interest in data science, it is still difficult to consider data science as an academic discipline.


Many universities have recently started to offer academic degrees in data science, and data science programs…


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Things to watch out for when using deep learning

Deep learning has provided the world of data science with highly effective tools that can address problems in virtually any domain, and using nearly any kind of data. However, the non-intuitive features deduced and used by deep learning algorithms require a very careful experimental design, and a failure to meet that requirement can lead to miserably flawed results, regardless of the quality of the data or the structure of the deep learning network.

I first noticed such flaws almost…


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Passive vs. active data scientists

While the skills required or expected from data scientists can vary based on the organization or domain they work in, being a data scientist can be viewed not merely as owning a set of skills, but also as having a certain mindset. In that sense I can differentiate between passive data scientists and active data scientists.

The passive data scientists will use the data they receive, or perform basic tasks to collect data stored in one or several central sources. Once they have the…


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