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Face Landmark Estimation Application

Face Landmark Estimation Application

After detecting a face in an image, as seen in the earlier post ‘Face Detection Application’, we will perform face landmark estimation. Face landmark estimation means identifying key points on a face, such as the tip of the nose and the center of the eye.…


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Keras Application for Pre-trained Model

In earlier posts, we learned about classic convolutional neural network (CNN) architectures (LeNet-5, AlexNet,…


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AlexNet Implementation Using Keras


Alex Krizhevsky, Geoffrey Hinton and Ilya Sutskever created a neural network architecture called ‘AlexNet’ and won Image Classification Challenge (ILSVRC) in 2012. They trained their network on 1.2 million high-resolution images into 1000…


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LeNet-5 - A Classic CNN Architecture

Yann LeCun, Leon Bottou, Yosuha Bengio and Patrick Haffner proposed a neural network architecture for handwritten and machine-printed character recognition in 1990’s which they called LeNet-5. The architecture is straightforward and simple to understand that’s why it is mostly used as a first step for teaching Convolutional Neural…


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Why Use Framework for Deep Learning?

Why Use Framework for Deep Learning?

You can implement your own deep learning algorithms from scratch using Python or any other programming language. When you start implementing more complex models such as Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) or Recurring Neural Network (RNN) then you will realize that it is not practical to implement very large models from scratch. …


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K Means Clustering Algorithm & its Application

What is K Means Clustering?

Clustering means grouping things which are similar or have features in common and so is the purpose of k-means clustering. K-means clustering is an unsupervised machine learning algorithm for clustering ‘n’ observations into ‘k’ clusters where k is predefined or user-defined constant. The main idea is to define k centroids, one for each cluster.

The K Means algorithm…


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Convolutional Neural Network  (CNN) From Scratch


In a regular neural network, the input is transformed through a series of hidden layers having multiple neurons. Each neuron is connected to all the neurons in the previous and the following layers. This arrangement is called a fully connected layer and the last layer is the output layer. In Computer Vision applications where the input is an image, we use convolutional neural network…


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First Step to Become Data Scientist

Do you want to become a ‘Data Scientist’? If yes, then the first step is to understand the basic terms and their usage.

A – Brief History

Data Science is not a new field as the statisticians were doing the job even before the computer invention. Though, the evolution of modern computing technologies empowered statisticians to solve a wide variety of practical problems with heavy number crunching and massive data storage. The terms ‘knowledge…


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