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AI-Powered Big Data and It’s Business Impacts: The Complete Guide

Big Data is the one of the technologies you can hear everywhere right now. Powered by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning capabilities it could significantly impact your business generating additional revenue streams. In this article I would like to illustrate how it works. 

What Big Data…


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The Complete Guide on Customer Demand Forecasting in Retail

Demand is the key indicator for every business to consider before taking the first step or expanding in the chosen market segment. It drives economic growth while central banks and governments boost demand to end down-sliding. Demand Prediction, which is part of Predictive Analytics, implies an evaluation of the number of goods and services that consumers will probably buy in the future. The most critical business factors such as turnover, profit margins, cash flow, capital…


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AI in Transportation: Top 3 Real-World Cases

Artificial Intelligence is already impacting Manufacturing, Retail, Marketing, Healthcare, Food industries and more. Today we will take an in-depth look at another industry, that with proper AI expertise from development companies could be disrupted. 

Transportation is an industry that helps humanity with moving people their belongings from one location to the other. While doing that, this industry had experienced countless twists, turns, breakthroughs, and setbacks to get to the…


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Artificial Intelligence for Customer Behavior Analysis: A Practical Use Case

You can think what you want about Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, but one thing you can't deny that it's wider adoption is just around the corner. The prediction of customer behavior was always a tricky task for marketers all over the world. But now, with AI/ML innovations that get on the…


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Machine Learning in Banking – Opportunities, Risks, Use Cases

To get a defining advantage over the competitors the banks, as well as other financial institutions must dig deep into technology breakthroughs. Luckily, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are already here to help them to achieve it. Improving data processing will lead to better strategies and fraud prevention levels.…


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Machine Learning in Finance: Benefits, Use Cases and Opportunities

Machine Learning is a term heard around the world these days. Industries like Retail, Healthcare, and Manufacturing are taking the best out of it. So does the leaders in Banking and Finance. There is enough time and room before the technology will truly explode. However, we can still talk about some real-world use cases and ways your business can…


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