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It's Sunny Skies For Big Data

Big Data has been around, in one form or another, for quite some time. In fact, it even pre-dates computers, if you can believe such a thing! The reason all the Big Data hype is because advances in computers, the Internet, wireless networking, and the cloud have combined to really bring out the best in Big Data. It's through all of the innovations of the past two decades that the extent of Big Data's true potential is finally being realized.

Naturally, there are still questions and…


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The Benefits Of Streamlining Data Centralization

So let's say you have a business that has quite some people constantly accessing the company's data. Furthermore, your company has multiple locations; perhaps branch or satellite offices and the people at those remote locations also need that data. That's a lot of fingers in the data pie, and that means you need to come up with a way of dealing with the demand on one hand while maintaining data integrity on the other.

This looks like a job for data centralization. Centralization can…


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How Clean Is Your Data?

Does your database contain dirty data? Now, before anyone starts to get flustered and thinks that we're referring to stuff like "Sleazy Internet Gals and Guys" (dot com!!), rest assured, that's not the case. For that matter, we're also not referring to data that takes bribes, been dragged through a septic tank, or is a nuclear bomb designed to spread the maximum amount of lethal radiation possible.

What we're actually talking about here is data that is out of date and flat-out wrong,…


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