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How to Choose the Right Chart Type [Infographic]

The chart is a visual representation of data in a clear and simple manner. This type of visualization is often used to increase the level of comprehension, especially in cases of patterns, trends, and interconnections. Building chart is an integral part of data analysis. It helps to decide how to analyze data, how it is…


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Top 7 Data Science Use Cases in Travel

Data science has brought new marvelous opportunities to many industries. Along with these possibilities it has also brought constant changes and challenges. Travel and tourism industry is no exception here.…


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Intro to Robotic Process Automation

Majority of modern companies deal with processes which they want to be automated. This need can be caused by various reasons, in particular, due to the routine, repetitive and boring nature of manual processes. Another shortcoming is that such processes often require a lot of time and human resources; additionally, office…


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Top 10 Data Science Use cases in Telecom

In the course of time, data science has proved its high value and efficiency. Data scientists find more and more new ways to implement big data solutions in daily life. Nowadays data is a fuel needed for a successful company.

Telecommunication companies are not an exception. Due to these…


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