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Top 9 Big Data Security Issues You Should Watch For

Understanding that big data comes from such a huge pool of devices, constantly collecting new data, gives you an idea where security threats may come from. Each device that is online, from phones to tablets to computers to smart appliances, has the potential of sending and receiving new data. This continuous back and forth gives a nearly constant window of…


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How Effective Is Hadoop Distribution for Big Data Analytics?

Hadoop, named after a toy elephant that belonged to the child of one its inventors, is an open-source software framework. It is capable of storing colossal amounts of data and handling massive applications and jobs endlessly. Hadoop’s capabilities make it one of the most sought after data platforms for successful businesses all over the world.

Hadoop Benefits

Because it can store and quickly process any type of data, Hadoop is lightyears ahead of the game in the…


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How to Defeat POS Malware?

The information and technology age in which we find ourselves has created many great conveniences and opportunities for innovation. Buying items has become incredibly easy, for example – a swipe of your debit card and you’re good to go! You don’t have to worry about the risks of carrying around cash, and the whole process takes just a moment. Everything is automatically updated to your bank account, even, which takes away the necessity of balancing checkbooks and manually updating your…


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Top 5 Disruptive Technologies that Will Change the World

In order for a business today to remain competitive, it must be willing to embrace new technologies. Using old or outdated technology can leave a business trailing in the dust of those newer businesses that have emerged to the forefront of the industry, especially when reaping the benefits that new technology affords them. Of course, this means that one must also be aware of new technology and how they might benefit your business, which is not always so easy to do. In fact, there is a term…


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5 Big Security Trends That Today’s Tech Users Need to Watch

Today's advancing technology is improving the ways in which all industries do business. But regardless of what industry you work in, one thing that has always remained a constant is the importance of security. Data breaches can significantly impact a company in a highly negative way, ruining consumer confidence, as well as causing your company to have to pay large fines as a result of the breach. Sometimes a security breach cannot be prevented, as there are very skilled hackers that work…


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