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Sunglasses and Face Mask Won't Fool Facial Recognition Systems Any More

  • Tips to fool facial recognition systems are fast becoming obsolete.
  • New research using partial features is showing a high success rate.
  • The future looks bleak for privacy advocates.

Facial recognition systems have exploded in popularity in the last couple of years. From filing for…


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Using Data Science to Model Ocean Plastic Pollution

  • New study uses agent-based model for displacement of plastics in the ocean.
  • Authors hope to build awareness about plastic pollution.
  • The model calculates drift based on the direction of surface water currents.
  • Future uses may include tracking crash debris.


A new study from researchers at The …


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New Study uses Federated Learning to Predict Covid-19 Outcomes

  • New study used Federated Learning to predict severity of Covid-19 for E.R. patients.
  • Significant improvements seen in central vs. local models.
  • Model slated for use in production in the near future.

Many ethical and legal challenges surround COVID-19 data analysis, including data ownership, data security, and…


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Neural Network Can Diagnose Covid-19 from Chest X-Rays

  • New study is 98.4% accurate at detecting Covid-19 from X-rays.
  • Researchers trained a convolutional neural network on Kaggle dataset.
  • The hope is that the technology can be used to quickly and effectively identify Covid-19 patients.

As the Covid-19 pandemic continues to evolve, there is a…


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New Study uses DNN to Predict 99% of Coronary Heart Disease Cases

  • Cardiovascular diseases are the primary cause of global deaths.
  • New model detects coronary heart disease with almost 99% accuracy.
  • DNN with hidden layers shows more accuracy than other models.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) are the leading cause of death…


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New Study Warns: Get ready for the next pandemic

  • A new study warns we’re likely to see another major pandemic within the next few decades.
  • New database of pandemic info used to calculate increased probability.
  • A major pandemic will likely wipe out human life within 12,000 years.

For much of the past century, the fear has been that a calamity like an asteroid…


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What Went Wrong with Pandemic Modeling?

  • Examples of the worst models built during the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • Reasons why pandemic modeling is fraught with issues.
  • Some successful models may offer hope for the future.

Covid-19 forecasting efforts fell apart at the seams, despite experienced modelers, sophisticated tools, and the best of intentions.…


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Finding and Fixing Autocorrelation

  • Autocorrelation can ruin your regression analysis.
  • How to spot autocorrelation in your data with visual tools and formal tests.
  • Tips to remove autocorrelation.

Autocorrelation is a measure of similarity (correlation) between adjacent data points; It is where data points are affected by the values of…


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Geospatial Modeling: The Future of Pandemic Analysis


  • Geospatial modeling may be the future of pandemic control.
  • Recent studies analyzed local data and found hidden trends.
  • Border control isn’t enough to stop the spread of Covid-19.
  • Where you live determines your risk for the disease.


Significant amounts of data have been collected, analyzed, and…


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Key Attributes in ER Diagrams

  • Overview of different types of keys used in E-R diagrams.
  • How to establish a primary key from a set of alternatives.
  • Composite, superkey, candidate, primary and alternate keys explained.
  • Other keys you may come across include foreign and partial keys.

If you’re unfamiliar with entities and attributes, you may…


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E-R Diagram Cardinality and Participation

Cardinality and participation explained for E-R diagrams.

  • How to show cardinality/participation for several methodologies.
  • Examples of notation and diagrams.

In my previous posts, I discussed some E-R diagram…


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E-R Diagram: 5 Mistakes to Avoid

  • Good E-R diagrams capture core components of an enterprise.
  • 5 things not to include in your diagram.
  • Tips to guide you in your E-R diagram design.

In my previous blog post, I introduced you to the…


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Intro to the E-R Diagram

  • E-R diagrams capture meaning in your data.
  • This high-level visual tool identifies core components of an enterprise
  • Simple steps to follow to create the diagram.

Entity-Relationship (E-R) Modeling is one approach to visualize what story your data is trying to tell. This goal of this predecessor to…


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Five Graphs to Show Cause and Effect

  • Cause-and-effect relationships can be visualized in many ways.
  • Five different types of graphs explained, from simple to probabilistic.
  • Suggestions for when to use each type.

If your data shows…


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Stroke Prediction using Data Analytics and Machine Learning

  • Data-based decision making is increasing in medicine because of its efficiency and accuracy.
  • One branch of research uses Data Analytics and Machine Learning to predict stroke outcomes.
  • Models can predict risk with high accuracy while maintaining a reasonable false positive rate.

Stroke is the second leading cause of death…


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Outbreak Analytics at the Forefront of Data Science

  • Epidemics remain a major public health issue. 
  • Data science steps in when traditional modeling methods fail.
  • Outbreak analytics can handle the complex data involved in pandemic assessment.

The last two decades saw more new infectious diseases of global concern than in any similar period of history [1]. Ebola, Influenza A…


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The NFT Crypto-Art Bubble has Officially Burst

  • Non-fungible token assets are declining rapidly,
  • The market is down 70% from its peak,
  • NFTs , in a moderated form, are likely here to stay.

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs), tradable digital certificates…


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The Environmental Toll of NFTs

  • The Non-Fungible Token (NFT) craze is an environmental blitz.
  • What's behind the massive energy use.
  • Solutions to the problem.

The high environmental toll of NFTs

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote an article…


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The Future of Business Analytics is Here

  • Business analytics has moved from the sidelines to the forefront
  • AI-based technology has revolutionized the field
  • Real-world examples of BA success.

Gone are the days when a BA’s  role was as a requirements note taker [1], or  when data interpretation was the responsibility of a small team of programmers.  In the…


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NFTs Explained in Two Pictures: The Good, The Bad ... and The Ugly

  • Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are taking the art world by storm.
  • A large number of serious problems outweigh any positives.
  • Two infographics to explain the process and issues.

The above image shows how an object of value, like an artwork, music file or GIF, can be “minted” and sold via a non-fungible token (NFT). An…


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