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Unusual Applications of Data Science

  • A round up of unusual applications of data science from recent academic journals,
  • Four examples far outside the usual realm of finance, professional services, and IT.
  • Applications range from tracking surgical tools to assessing suicide risk.

Tens of thousands data science research articles are published each year in…


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Interpretive Analytics in One Picture

  • Interpretive analytics (IA) takes you beyond number crunching.
  • AI is the key to getting involved in strategic decision making.
  • Strategies for using interpretive analytics in one picture.

The final step in the…


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What is Good Data and Where Do You Find It?

  • Bad data is worse than no data at all.
  • What is “good” data and where do you find it?
  • Best practices for data analysis.

There’s no such thing as perfect data, but there are several factors that qualify data as good [1]:

  • It’s readable and well-documented,
  • It’s readily available. For example, it’s…

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Often Confused Terms in Statistics

  • Do you know the difference between a covariate and covariance, or probable and plausible?
  • Many terms in statistics are confused, even by experts
  • Eleven of the most commonly confused terms

Hundreds of years of statistical analysis by tens of thousands of independent researchers has led to an array of similar sounding…


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Data Science Lessons Learned from the Covid-19 Calamity

  • Covid-19 data was haphazardly collected and analyzed, leading to a national disaster.
  • Pandemic predictions were no more accurate than a Magic 8 Ball.
  • Lessons to be learned from the mistakes made.

In the early days of the Covid-19 pandemic, the U.S. government didn’t have the faintest clue about the pandemic's…


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4 Tips to Improve Your Statistical Literacy

  • Improve your statistical literacy by following a few good practices.
  • A few examples of "unstatistics".
  • Four tips for avoiding common pitfalls in data analysis.

Statistical literacy (assessing statistical statements, arguments and associations) is extremely important for producing and interpreting results from data…


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Tweaking Algorithmic Filtering to Combat Fake News

  • A significant portion of social media content uses Algorithmic Filtering (AF).
  • AF results in issues with fake news, polarizing opinions.
  • A tweak to AF may be the solution for improving the user experience.

According to a recent Pew Research Center Study, 53% of U.S. Adults get their news regularly from social…


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Interconnectivity of Univariate Probability Distributions

  • Knowing how probability distributions are connected can be helpful, especially when it comes to choosing models.
  • Many charts showing this interconnectivity exist; Most are cluttered with more information than you're probably not looking for.
  • A simplified chart to help you choose between models.

Studying the…


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Data Science Job Market Shrinking? Not So Fast

  • Recent news reports highlight a shrinking job market for data scientists
  • Faulty data analysis seems to be behind the headlines
  • Tips to avoid common mistakes in your data presentations

Some alarming headlines emerged this week regarding the state of data science jobs. If you've browsed the data science news recently, you might have seen claims about the "shrinking " and "cooling down" data science job market.  No need for alarm though: All is not as it…


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Ensemble Forecasts: The Future of Modeling Pandemics?

  • Ensemble forecasting is a popular choice to improve predictions.
  • The method has been widely used to model various aspects of the current pandemic.
  • Ensembles may be our best option to predict future disease outbreaks.

An explosion of Covid-19 literature in the…


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Why You Need to Learn Bayesian AND Frequentist Statistics

  • Statistics comes in two flavors: Bayesian and Frequentist,
  • Both methods have their opponents and proponents,
  • You should learn both to enhance your modeling.…


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Clearing up the Covid-19 Test Accuracy Debate with Data Science

  • A negative Covid-19 test result had very little meaning in 2020.
  • A new tool allows you to better interpret the meaning of a negative test result.
  • I used the tool to find the probability that my October Covid-19 negative test result was accurate.
  • This useful, user-friendly tool is a great example of data science at work.…


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4 Common Data Analysis Mistakes to Watch Out For

  • Statistical analysis is poorly misunderstood by many, resulting in array of problems.
  • There are many ways to ruin your data analysis.
  • 4 of the less well-known mistakes to watch out for.  

I recently came across an article in eLife (a peer reviewed journal) called Ten common statistical mistakes to watch out for when writing or reviewing a manuscript [1]. Although the paper was geared towards reviewers of research papers, many of the…


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Generative vs. Discriminative Models in One Picture

  • Discriminative and generative models have distinct differences,
  • Discriminative methods are simpler but not necessarily better,
  • This One Picture outlines a few major differences between the methods, along with a few examples and use cases.

Read any textbook on the difference between generative and discriminative models and…


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Fraudulent Covid-19 Data and Benford's Law

An interesting application of Benford's and Zipf's Laws to fraudulent Covid-19 data was published…


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Gross Underestimates and Overestimates from the Same Data: Covid-19 Death Rates Example

  • Ten-fold differences have been reported in Covid-19 death rates.
  • Estimate issues are because of how the data is calculated.
  • Why the same data can yield gross overestimates and underestimates.

What is the actual death rate for Covid-19? After nearly a year of the pandemic, no one can…


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Common Statistical Errors

  • Data analysis is fraught with pitfalls, including too-small sample sizes.
  • Bias can creep into the most well-intentioned of studies,
  • Tips to avoid bias and choose the best statistical test.

So you've formed your breakthrough hypothesis, created a bulletproof test procedure and waited eagerly for the results to come in. To your surprise, the magnificent effect you were sure of just isn't there. What went wrong? Was it the way your hypothesis was worded? An…


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The Worst Covid-19 Misleading Graphs

  • Graphs are a great tool to appeal to a wide audience,
  • They are often used to deliberately mislead, not inform,
  • A few creative ways graphs have been used this year to distort Covid-19 facts.

Good graphs are powerful tools to convey data, but they can be skewed to fit an agenda. The worst  graphs typically misuse visual proximity, manipulate data, and omit important details from chart titles and captions [1]. While it's fairly easy to spot a…


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Bar Chart vs Column Chart vs Histogram

  • Column charts, bar charts and histograms appeal to a wide audience.
  • Each chart has distinct differences.
  • Specific circumstances for when you should use each type.

In an article I posted last week, How to Choose the Right Graph for Your Data (In One Picture),…


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How to Choose the Right Graph for Your Data (In One Picture)

  • Choosing the right graph depends largely on your audience.
  • Dozens of graphs fit various data types.
  • While software can help with the design, you still have to choose a graph.
  • A flow chart to help with the decision.

Choosing the best graph for your data poses a challenge. Even if you get a program to do the hard work for you, you still have to make a choice between dozens of potential…


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