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Learning Rules in Neural Network

What are the Learning Rules in Neural Network?

Learning rule or Learning process is a method or a mathematical logic. It improves the Artificial Neural Network's performance and applies this rule over the network. Thus learning rules updates the weights and bias levels of a network when a network simulates in a specific data environment.

Applying learning rule is an iterative process. It helps a…


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Real-Life Applications of Support Vector Machines

Applications of SVM in Real World 

SVMs depends on supervised learning algorithms. The aim of using SVM is to correctly classify unseen data. SVMs have a number of applications in several fields.

Some common applications of SVM are-

  • Face detection – SVMc classify parts of the image as a face and non-face and create a square boundary around the face.
  • Text and hypertext…

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Neural Network Algorithms - Learn How To Train ANN

Top Neural Network Algorithms

Learning of neural network takes place on the basis of a sample of the population under study. During the course of learning, compare the value delivered by output unit with actual value. After that adjust the weights of all units so to improve the prediction.

There are many Neural Network Algorithms are available for training …


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Artificial Neural Network Model

Models of Artificial Neural Networks

There are various Artificial Neural Network Models. Main ones are

  • Multilayer Perceptron – It is a feedforward artificial neural network model. It maps sets of input data onto a set of appropriate outputs.
  • Radial Basis Function Network – A radial basis function network is an artificial neural network. It uses radial basis functions…

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Artificial Neural Network (ANN) in Machine Learning

Artificial Neural Networks – Introduction

Artificial Neural networks (ANN) or neural networks are computational algorithms.

It intended to simulate the behavior of biological systems composed of “neurons”ANNs are computational models inspired by an animal’s central nervous systems. It is capable of machine learning as well as pattern recognition. These…


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Top 9 Machine Learning Applications in Real World

Machine Learning Applications

Some of the machine learning applications are:

1. Image Recognition

One of the most common uses of machine learning is image…


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Limitations of Hadoop – How to overcome Hadoop drawbacks

Hadoop – Introduction & features

Let us start with what is Hadoop and what are Hadoop features that make it so popular.

Hadoop is an open-source software framework for distributed storage and distributed processing of extremely large data sets. Important features of Hadoop are:

Hadoop is an open source project. It means its code can be modified to business requirements.

In Hadoop, data is highly available and…


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Vulnerability – Introducing 10th V of Big Data

There is a huge hype of Big Data and its features, most of them have been summed up in 9 different Vs of Big data like Volume, Velocity, Variety, Veracity, Validity, Volatility, Value, Variability, Viscosity.

In a recently published white paper by credit reference agency Experian, a proposal has been given to add another “V” to the…


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R Clustering – A Tutorial for Cluster Analysis with R


First of all we will see what is R Clustering, then we will see the Applications of Clustering, Clustering by Similarity Aggregation, use of R amap Package, Implementation of Hierarchical Clustering in R and examples of R clustering in various fields.

2. Introduction to Clustering in…


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