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Guide To Budget Friendly Data Mining

Unlike traditional application programming, where API functions are changing every day, database programming basically remains the same. The first version of Microsoft Visual Studio .NET was released in February 2002, with a new version released about every two years, not including Service Pack releases. This rapid pace of change forces IT personnel to evaluate their corporation’s applications every couple years, leaving the functionality of their application intact but with a completely…


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Gulp: A Web Developer's Secret Weapon for Maximizing Site Speed

Many of us have to handle web based projects that are used in production, which provide various services to the public. When dealing with such projects, it is important to be able to build and deploy our code quickly. Doing something quickly often leads to errors, especially if a process is repetitive, therefore it’s a good practice to automate such a process as much as possible.

Gulp: A Web Developer's Secret Weapon for Maximizing Site Speed

My fellow developers: There is no excuse for…

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Write Code to Rewrite Your Code: jscodeshift

Codemods with jscodeshift

How many times have you used the find-and-replace functionality across a directory to make changes to JavaScript source files? If you’re good, you’ve gotten fancy and used regular expressions with capturing groups, because it’s worth the effort if your code base is sizable. Regex has limits, though. For non-trivial changes you need a developer who understands the code in context and is also willing to take on the long,…


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Jumpstart Your PHP Testing with Codeception

Before moving on to Codeception and PHP, we should cover the basics and start by explaining why we need testing in applications in the first place. Perhaps we could complete a project without wasting time on tests, at least this time?

Sure, you don’t need tests for everything; for example, when you want to build yet another homepage. You probably don’t need tests when your project contains static pages…


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Boost Your Productivity With Amazon Web Services

During the last few years, the hottest word on everyone’s lip has been “productivity.” In the rapidly evolving Internet world, getting something done fast always gets an upvote. Despite needing to implement real business logic quickly and accurately, as an experienced PHP developer I still spent hundreds of hours on other tasks, such as setting up database or caches, deploying projects, monitoring online statistics, and so on. Many developers have struggled with these so called miscellaneous…


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The Art of War Applied To Software Development

If you work in the software industry, it’s likely that you have heard about the divide and conquer design paradigm, which basically consists of recursively splitting a problem into two or more sub-problems (divide), until these become simple enough to be solved directly (conquer).

What you might not know is that this paradigm originates from an old political strategy (the name is derived from the Latin saying divide et impera) that suggests it is…


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Ember Data: A Comprehensive Tutorial for the ember-data Library

Ember Data (a.k.a ember-data or ember.data) is a library for robustly managing model data in Ember.js applications. The developers of Ember Data state that it is designed to be agnostic to the underlying persistence mechanism, so it works just as well with JSON APIs over HTTP as it does with streaming WebSockets or local IndexedDB storage. It provides many of the facilities you’d…


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Data Mining for Predictive Social Network Analysis

Social networks, in one form or another, have existed since people first began to interact. Indeed, put two or more people together and you have the foundation of a social network. It is therefore no surprise that, in today’s Internet-everywhere world, online social networks have become entirely ubiquitous.

Within this world of online social networks, a particularly fascinating phenomenon of the past decade has been the explosive growth of …


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MetaDapper: Data Mapping and Conversion Made Easy With the Right Tools

Data conversion, translation, and mapping is by no means rocket science, but it is by all means tedious. Even a simple data conversion task (e.g., reading a CSV file into a list of class instances) can require a non-trivial amount of code. While all of these tasks share much in common, they are all “just different enough” to require their own data conversion methods.

In virtually every system that we build, we will at some point find ourselves…


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Forex Algorithmic Trading: A Practical Tale for Engineers

A few years ago, driven by my curiosity, I took my first steps into the world of Forex trading algorithms by…


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An Introduction to Machine Learning Theory and Its Applications: A Visual Tutorial with Examples

Machine Learning (ML) is coming into its own, with a growing recognition that ML can play a key role in a wide range of critical applications, such as data mining, natural language processing, image recognition, and expert systems. ML provides potential solutions in all these domains and more, and is set to be a pillar of our future civilization.

The supply of able ML…


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