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What is data curation and how it helps data management?

Data Curation can be defined in different ways. Roughly put, data curation entails managing an organization’s data throughout its life cycle.

Data Curation is a way of managing data that makes it more useful for users engaging in data discovery and analysis. It can also be termed as the end-to-end process of creating good data by…

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Why Metadata management is important?

Metadata management is the proactive usage of metadata in an organization to govern data in order to enable well-defined business decisions and efficiency in data handling. Metadata management involves ingesting metadata to learn about the organization's data, its value, and the optimization of data storage and its retention.…


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Data Catalog: Importance, features and benefits

Data catalogs are now a significant component in the management of data in modern organizations. Those that have implemented successful data catalogs have an easier time analyzing data. They can have quality data and improve the speeds of handling data. So what is a data catalog?

A data catalog is defined as a neat and organized inventory of…


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Best practices of Data Cleansing

Data Accuracy:

Data accuracy is the biggest challenge for many businesses, having accurate data is useful in all its stages to use. Data results in inaccuracies when it is created, collected or during the clean-up, or when being stored. The inconsistencies from any of the sources make the data useless or less…


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Benefits of Data Integration

Data integration involves combining the organization’s data from different sources to create one usable consolidated stream of data. When well-executed, data integration results in one accurate view which can be used for data analysis. With DQLabs, data integration is made seamless by utilizing AI-powered built-in…


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Why you need Data Quality Management for your business?

Data is the driving force of every organization in the modern world. As organizations continue to collect more and more data, the need to manage the quality of the data becomes more prominent each day.

Data Quality Management can be defined as a set of practices undertaken by a data manager or a data organization to maintain high-quality…


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AI DataSense Technology: Defined

Artificial Intelligence is changing how data management and analysis is handled in the age of big data. Organizations are generating more data than ever before and the process of accessing data using traditional methods is not only time consuming but also poses a threat to the data sets. To handle this challenge, AI changes the way we view data in…


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How 360-degree customer view helps your business?

Nowadays, the success of many businesses is primarily attributed to good relationships with their customers. That is, having a comprehensive understanding of what customer needs and availing it to satisfy their needs as well as achieve the business goals.  n Mathematics, 360 degrees is a full rotation that is, there are no blind spots.

Similarly, in…


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Why the financial sector requires automated Data Quality Tools?

Data privacy governs how organizations collect, share, store, and delete personal data. In another word, data privacy safeguards user's rights to private preferences. There are laws established to ensure compliance with data privacy - General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and Calfornia Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA).

Data Privacy in…


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How poor data quality impacts your business?

Poor data quality is consequential now more than ever businesses access more and more data and manipulate it to their advantage. Users also have a larger list of options to choose from in case one house fails them.

Impacts of poor data quality

Organizations may not be able to avoid bad data altogether. The best…


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Why do you need trustable data?

Trustable data is defined as data that comes from reliable sources and used according to its intended and delivered in the appropriate formats and time frames for the specific users.

Trustable data helps in effective decision making. The properties mentioned in the definition makes data trustworthy for effective decision making.

Trust Factors of data:

Trustable data are good only if they meet certain basic requirements. Here are some of the…


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What is the significance of data quality?

With the digital world growing competitive by the day, everyone is trying to understand their customers better and make finance, product development, and marketing decisions based on real data for a better return on investment (ROI). If you don’t make use of data, there is a chance you will lag behind or, at least, use more money and energy to keep up with your data-driven competitors. That said, data needs to be accurate and of high quality to be useful. Bad data is inaccurate, unreliable,…


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What is data cleansing and why is it important?


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5 Steps to Collect High-quality Data

Obtaining good quality data can be a tough task. An organization may face quality issues when integrating data sets from various applications or departments or when entering data manually.

Here are some of the things a company can do to improve the quality of the information it collects:

1. Data Governance plan

A good data governance plan should not only talk about…


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