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Recurrent Neural Nets – The Third and Least Appreciated Leg of the AI Stool

Summary:  Convolutional Neural Nets are getting all the press but it’s Recurrent Neural Nets that are the real workhorse of this generation of AI.

 We’ve paid a lot of attention lately to Convolutional Neural Nets…


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More on 3rd Generation Spiking Neural Nets

Summary:  Here’s some background on how 3rd generation Spiking Neural Nets are progressing and news about a first commercial rollout.


Recently we wrote about the development of AI and neural nets beyond the second generation Convolutional and Recurrent Neural Nets (CNNs / RNNs) which have come on so strong and dominate the…


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Data Scientist – Still the Best Job in America - Again

Summary:  It’s that time of the year when the major salary surveys come out.  Once again it’s time for Data Scientist to take a victory lap.  This year there’s a lot more detail.


It’s that time of the year again when the major surveys come out from O’Reilly, GlassDoor, and Burtch Works that tell us how we’re doing.  Well, no…


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Beyond Deep Learning – 3rd Generation Neural Nets

Summary:  If Deep Learning is powered by 2nd generation neural nets.  What will the 3rd generation look like?  What new capabilities does that imply and when will it get here?


By far the fastest expanding frontier of data science is AI and specifically the rapid advances in Deep Learning.  Advances in…


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