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CRISP-DM – a Standard Methodology to Ensure a Good Outcome

Summary:  To ensure quality in your data science group, make sure you’re enforcing a standard methodology.  This includes not only traditional data analytic projects but also our most advanced recommenders, text, image, and language processing, deep learning, and AI projects.


A Little History

In the early 1990s as…


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Some New Tools To Increase the Productivity of Your DS Group

Summary:  If you’re running a Data Science Team you need to be thinking about efficiency and productivity.  Those solutions can take the form of management and process, but there are also some new tools you should be evaluating.


In our last article we talked about some organizational principles and tips for increasing the productivity of your data science team.  Those ideas were in the realm of management and process.  You can tell that our…


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3 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Data Science Team

Summary:  If you’re responsible for a Data Science team of more than three or four it’s time to start thinking about productivity and efficiency.


Efficiency is not something we often think about in managing our data science teams but increasingly we should.  Supposing you are a data scientist who is now asked to lead your group, or even…


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IoT 101 – Lesson 3: Everything You Need to Know to Start Your IoT Project

Summary:  In this Lesson 3 we continue to provide a complete foundation and broad understanding of the technical issues surrounding an IoT or streaming system so that the reader can make intelligent decisions and ask informed questions when planning their IoT system. 

In Lesson 1

In Lesson 2…


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