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Business Intelligence Isn't Just for Big Companies

Big companies are no longer the only players who put business intelligence to work for them to increase revenue. Small businesses are starting to use business intelligence as well to help them achieve their goals.

In case you don’t know what business intelligence is,…


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Is BYOD Momentum Fading?

Not long ago, bring your own device (BYOD) was the trend to watch among enterprises. Companies of all shapes and sizes looked at BYOD as the next big thing in business, a way to make…


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How Big Data is Revolutionizing Real Estate

The real estate industry has long operated according to its own traditions, but the availability of huge volumes of data is revolutionizing the way the industry works.…


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Common Pitfalls that Can Doom a BYOD Program

From what you hear from all the latest technology news, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is the end-all, be-all of technology policies, guaranteed to make businesses run smoother, employees feel happier, and cash pile up like never before. BYOD can certainly be helpful, but it’s far from the solution to all of a business’s problems, mainly because there are many pitfalls companies can easily fall into. These mistakes are easy for anyone to make, which is why knowing them before implementing a…


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This Just In: How Big Data is Changing Journalism

When people talk about journalists or reporters, the image of a man or woman eagerly talking to people with a notepad and pen in hand likely comes to mind. It’s a look that has permeated much of pop culture, but it should probably come as little surprise that the modern day journalist is much different. While they still may interview people on the street or sit down to talk with them, today’s journalist is turning to numbers, spreadsheets, and computer programs more often…


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Applications of Big Data in Customer Segmentation

By now, companies all over the world are coming to the realization that big data is crucial for future business growth and greater efficiency. There are many ways big data is contributing to this latest boom in productivity, and new methods are being discovered and used all the time. One element receiving a lot of attention and making headlines in technology news is how big data is aiding in customer…


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