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Derek Steer's Blog – March 2015 Archive (2)

How to Ask an Analyst a Question

Asking questions is easy. It’s so easy that, as askers, we often don’t think about the quality of our questions. Poorly framed questions waste everyone’s time—yours included—because they require the answerer to make assumptions. When it comes to asking analysts to explore a problem you’re trying to solve, better questions will drive better analysis and, ultimately, more actionable answers.

Here’s an example:

Marketer: “How many people converted from paid ad…


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The Evolution of a Data-Driven Startup

People often talk about a startup’s evolution in terms of funding, sales, or product engagement milestones. But companies also change over time in the ways that they interact with data.

Increasingly, the companies that achieve massive growth are anticipating future data needs and progressing quickly through four distinct phases of data.



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