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How Machines Are Learning From Customers And Predicting Human Behavior

Customers leave behind an incomprehensible amount of data while they go about shopping. Making sense of that data and reacting in real time are the two things that will keep companies one-step ahead of their customers (and competition) in the present-day customer-centric world.

Today, the average customer is spoiled for choice. Every time he goes shopping, he expects highly personalized, relevant offers. One poor interaction with a brand, and poof, the customer’s gone, almost-certain…


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Data Translators: Those Who Ensure Analysis Is Not Lost In Rendition

A few days ago, while discussing with colleagues why many organizations were still fumbling at what’s typically called the “last mile” in data science, the conversation veered towards the birthing of a new breed of professionals called ‘Data Translators’.

This class, now increasing in numbers, is being seen in the analytics world as the Darwinian equivalent of…


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