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Disruptive Innovation: A Ripple in Competitive Intelligence Waters?

Clayton Christensen in his brilliant book titled “The Innovator's Dilemma” spoke about disruptive innovation using the following framework:

While established companies in any sector focus on existing customer needs and sustained innovation at the top of the market, they might leave the space open for new competitors to use simple and disruptive…


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Disney's "Inside Out" and the missing"D" in Data Science

Imagine being inside a child’s brain as she takes her major life decisions. Imagine the feelings of joy, sadness, fear, disgust and anger jostling with each other as she goes through the one of the biggest changes in her life, leaving her home. Imagine taking the Train of Thought over the Imagination Island and creating long-term core memories that define her growing personality traits (I mean) islands.

Well, the imagination just came alive in Disney’s latest movie “Inside Out”. But…


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Why Competitive Intelligence needs its own wargame now

Try introducing yourself as a Competitive Intelligence or CI analyst. Chances are that the reactions will range from (a) That's what you do all day, Google search? to (b) Identifying 007 ways to look at competition, Corporate Bond?

Of course, one can always resort to the classical definition of CI. It is defined as the action of defininggathering, analyzing,and distributing intelligence about products, customers,…


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Who killed the Storyteller in Marketing

I have just a little over three hours left to live. That’s the half-life of content these days, I am told.

A few hours ago, I was another small idea, floating in your head. Then you checked Buzzsumo to find what is the trending content of the hour. What will go with today’s coffee.

Voila, you had it. The themes and news that will drive traffic, maybe even stop traffic, for a few hours!

You started working. A few quick keyboard strokes later, you posted me, on all the…


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Competitive Intelligence: Are we looking over our shoulders?

Missing the landscape for the bars:

Any large global company would have a list of 10-15 companies that they deem as their strategic competitors. Let’s take the Investment Management industry. The usual suspects would include BlackRock, Vanguard, T.Rowe Price, PIMCO, Fidelity, JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs and a few more such global powerhouses.

Chances are that the competitive intelligence teams would spend their time analyzing the details of each…


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Our iceberg is melting . Now where's that data scientist?

On the face of it, John Kotter’s seminal book “Our iceberg is melting” is a simple tale of a group of penguins who are scared about losing their home, their iceberg, and yes, even more scared of the changes that could entail. But through that simple story and their struggle for finding their new home, the story delivers a more powerful message that…


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The Poisson Pill – Just what if we can go beyond the “What ifs”?

This blog discusses the applications of Monte-Carlo simulation methods by modeling real-world situations, explaining those using well known and often researched statistical distributions such as the Poisson distribution and then applying optimization models to solve a variety of business problems thus enabling managers to take decisions by moving beyond the usual methods and what-if scenario analysis.

Introduction: The need for simulation & optimization methods

Very often…


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Six Thinking Hats and the Life of a Data Scientist

When Edward De Bono spoke about the six thinking hats way back, he definitely did not visualize the emerging field of data science. The hats were meant to be an aid for lateral thinking and brainstorming. Over the years, the hats have seen many creative uses in the corporate world. 3M used the six thinking hats for new product development, a new type of duct tape. Boeing used the six thinking hats to resolve a management vs. union deadlock. And J. Walter Thompson is reported to have used the…


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The Shifting CXO crowns and the changing Analytics leadership requirements

"You see things and you say “why”.

But I dream things that never were; and I say, “why not”?"

George Bernard Shaw

A decade back, when ‘analytics’ was more an esoteric buzzword than an organizational necessity, leaders of fledging analytics divisions focused one key goal - ‘growth’

Today, with increasing acceptance of analytics across sectors and the explosive expected growth in Analytics software and…


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Wizard of Oz and the new Analytics Fairytale

The tale of Dorothy and her friends as they journeyed to the Land of Oz; each to find answers to the problems they were facing is one many…


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