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Before starting with R Programming: Basic R without any package installed

Open source software solutions have become so powerful and large corporates started to prepare their traditional business analysts to move to open source softwares, particularly R. I have prepared a basic document to train some of my clients and local communities in Dallas. This article is not intended for people who are exposed to R before; but, people who are new and want to learn ABCs of R.


Downloading R is rather simple on …


Added by Meltem Ballan on August 25, 2016 at 7:00am — No Comments

R Basics (stats): Data Frames

Data Frames are the tables to store data. If you recall the vectors from the first R notes data frames can be imagined as the collection of vectors with same dimension. We have already created vectors, named the vectors and plotted on histograms.

In this note we will create data frames, aggregate and plot.

Let’s start with baby steps and create a small data frame as a new script. You can open a new script by clicking on file and new script. You can copy and paste following…


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Quick Review and intro for Budding Analysts: Reading and Aggregating CSV files

In this note I will quickly talk about csv files on a basic scenario.

I have loaded two csv files with customer complaints on my github account. The complaints are unique and a customer might complain more than once. Customer Id is encrypted as XX000 and assume that missing values don't have the same pattern and number of strings.

After the basic preprocessing we want to know the number of complaints by customers and…


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Repost-Leaders Wanted in Data Science Community of Dallas

I am an avid runner and have met thousands of runners over 25 years of running around the globe. Regardless of their nationality, pace, endurance and age, runners are the most generous community. They will be selfless to give you the last drop of their water and energy gels. If they see you lost out in wilderness of a trail race they will not think for a second to turn around and add an extra mile to their run (some are competitive runners) to show the right direction getting you to the…


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Data + Science = Sexy

I have been following the news on data science and wanted to share some of the titles here : The sexiest job of the 21th century, Ten Trends on Data Science, How to become a data scientist, What is data science, so on..

I wonder how and when data and science became sexy and everybody started to have a stake in data science. Is it because young energetic technology companies of Silicon Valley HAS named it that way? Do we need more data or do we have more data nowadays? Whether the data…


Added by Meltem Ballan on February 25, 2015 at 6:35am — 3 Comments


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