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Dynamics 365 vs. SAP Business One: All You Need to Know

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), which is a buzzword these days, derives its name from its predecessor, Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP II) and is now helping to transform our industrial landscape.

ERP now is an enterprise-wide set of management tools that balances demand and supply.…


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Artificial Intelligence Is Spurring Innovation In The Field Of Education!

Artificial Intelligence is spreading its wings almost everywhere. Starting from the businesses to even the agricultural fields, AI is powering the world in many ways than one. There have been various discussions surrounding the fact that AI has the potential to impact the education sector as well. There seems to be various possibilities that Artificial Intelligence is expected to spur innovation in the field of education. Starting from becoming a latest form of…


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Why Is It Time for Your Company to Invest in Cloud ERP?

Businesses need to effectively manage and plan their day-to-day activities, business strategies and future planning. To efficiently collect and manage all such…


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Here's How You Can Prevent Your Big Data Initiative from Failing

Among the enterprises, the big data analytics adoption has increased to 59% in the year 2018, according to the Big Data Analytics Market Study conducted by Dresner Advisory Services.

More and more companies are jumping on to the big data wagon with great enthusiasm but only a few of…


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Learning Path to Become a Data Scientist for ASP.NET Developers?

Data science is among the one of the most discussed term in last few years. Digital industry is hugely dependent on exchange of data. But most of us just know about basic terminology about data science like it just about studying data and finding out some important information from them. But it is more than that.

So, what exactly those data…


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The Helping Hand of AI in HR for Recruiting The Right Candidates

Recruiting the right people for the company is one of the most tiresome jobs of an HR executive. It is just like taking a shot in the dark in the belief that they may be the right fit for the role you are looking for.

Artificial Intelligence…


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Advantages of Big Data Analytics and Data Science Integration with ASP.NET

Microsoft ASP .NET is an open source, very famous, and widely used web advancement technology, which gives a programming model, a complete programming framework and different administrations required to develop strong web applications for PC, and also cell phones. ASP .NET is a piece of Microsoft’s Dot (.) Net technology…


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Firms can save time and cost with Deep learning methodologies!

The rise in Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence technologies seems to breaking all barriers. All these technologies have the potential to spur innovation everywhere in the world. When it comes to deep learning, the technological advancement seem to be very uplifting. They have the power to help the companies perform better and more quickly. But, at the same time, there is certain amount of confusion surrounding these technologies as well.…


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Big Data Visualization: How AR and VR Is Transforming Data Interpretation

Every day, we create 2.5 quintillion bytes of data and over the last two years alone, we have created over 90% of the world’s data! The amount of data we produce is staggering making it difficult for the data analysts all over the world to analyze data and project the results of such analysis into an…


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Microsoft Move To Blockchain Linking its Major Products to the Tech

The blockchain is actually a digital record in which the transactions made in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum are entered publically and chronologically. And Microsoft was the first company to take blockchain to the cloud with its Microsoft Azure product about three years ago.…


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Apache Spark with Scala- Learning Path Decoded

When you are going back and forth on learning Big Data and Apache Spark, most of the resources on the Internet will point you towards Scala. The programming language has earned credits for itself lately and is the most talked about language in the Big Data arena.

The number of job posting demanding Scala as a skill has exponentially boosted on the job search platform Indeed since 2015. but, learning a new programming…


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