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Binding Cloud, PLM 2.0, and Industry 4.0 into cohesive digital transformation

In the environment of Industry 4.0, the role of PLM is expanding. The interplay between PLM and Industry 4.0 technologies - like the Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning, AR/VR, Model-Based Enterprise (MBE), and 3D Printers - is on the rise. But Industry 4.0 is unlike any previous industrial revolution.…


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Responding to Supply Chain Uncertainty with Intelligent Planning

Supply chain disruptions are anything but uncommon. 2018 saw 2,629 disruption events being reported.[i] In 2019, 51.9% of firms experienced supply chain disruptions, with 10% experiencing six or more disruptions.[ii] Largely, these were man-made (79%).…


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The Essential Role of Automation in End-User Computing

The world over, two pragmatic ideas are taking root. Businesses want employees to spend less time tinkering with their devices instead of being productive. They also want their IT teams to invest less time fixing PCs and more time providing value.

Kulvinder Dosanjh (Kully), Group Director IT Service Delivery and Business Information Security…


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Data modernization: The key to tomorrow’s highly competitive insurance industry

One question haunts every CXO: “How can we make our company and products better for the customer?” The answer, today, is straightforward. Data is what makes and breaks organizations. Data allows organizations to look back with surgical precision on their past actions and allows them to look forward with confidence to remodel the business in…


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PLM as a backbone for Disruptive Digital Thread

Product complexity is on the rise. Manufacturers need to understand customer requirements, define, and design products, collaborate with global designers and suppliers, ensure material feed and recipe integration, use varied manufacturing techniques, seek regulatory approvals, make processes and products sustainable, keep pace with shorter product…


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The risk of using ‘half-baked’ data to address the challenges posed by COVID-19

As COVID-19 rampages across the globe it is altering everything in its wake. For example, we are spending on essentials and not on discretionary categories; we are saving more and splurging less; work-life balance has a deeper focus on mental health; we are staying home more and traveling less. Our priorities have changed. If you look at this…


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Powering the Digital Next CPG Enterprise with Platforms of Intelligence

Although COVID-19 has affected every industry, there are some it has changed more than others. Retail and Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) are two such industries that have undergone irreversible transformation. Fortunately, most changes driven by the pandemic will prove to be positive in the long term. For the moment, however, CPG organizations…


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Managing DevOps Teams In a Remote Work Environment

The remote working triggered by COVID-19 is leading to a series of interesting and positive business outcomes. An area where we are witnessing considerable impact is the practice of DevOps or the art of accelerating and improving technology delivery and operations processes. At the heart of DevOps, it is all about culture, people and technologies…


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Driving productivity and PLM effectiveness using an app ecosystem to neutralize the impact of COVID-19

With stagnating consumption and restrictions on individual and merchandise flow, the footwear and apparel industry is quickly overhauling its strategy for the “new normal”. COVID-19 is forcing the industry to be more focused, sustainable and efficient in its processes. In doing so, it is also forcing the industry to become more…


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MES: The path to intelligent manufacturing

The adoption of technology in the Manufacturing Industry has been slow, but steady. Technology adoption has been relatively faster when it has helped improve productivity, boost quality, and reduce costs. Industry CXOs are convinced that IT has a major role to play in manufacturing, but less than 30 percent of manufacturers have adopted…


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PLM of the future (look no further, it is here!)

The COVID-19 pandemic has created a massive shift in the way we work. With social distancing and frequent lockdowns to contend with, a large portion of the global workforce is operating from home. In the US, 58 percent are working remotely from home,[i] a clear reflection of the distributed nature of…


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How Automation can be used for faster recovery, revival, and improved resilience in the wake of COVID-19

Practically every industry -- CPG, manufacturing, Pharma, and Financial Services -- is in pursuit of automation in the wake of COVID-19. It is the antidote to uncertainty, variability, unexpected breaks in business continuity, and the need for scale. In the short term, over the next 18 months, process automation in the form of RPA will be used not…


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The appetite for Automation has grown but maximizing ROI is the next inflection point

Organizations, hit by lockdowns, social distancing, and other restrictions placed by local administrations to fight the pandemic, are keen to invest in automation to push back the disruption, ensure business continuity, and keep employees safe. A recent…


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