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Female Instincts vs. Quantum Entanglement

The  pivot role of a wild savant woman in the midst of revolutions and enlightenment: Emilie du Châtelet from my summer book Passionate Minds of David Bodanis, Three Rivers Press N.Y, 2006. I am impressed by Emilie ‘ insights permeated into the scientific mainstream with her unconventional but logic thoughts, so original that her male scientists recycled her ideas even forgot who had originated them. Emilie du Châtelet contributed the square to Einstein concept of energy…


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Your next interview question: "what hz are you?" - ionospheric calculation across the fields...

For one : http://www.wired.com/wiredscience/2009/12/north-korean-missile/

Another use of bigdata in ionospheric calculation:

Be kind to visit my hut on divine communication, a validation to brain waves, esp, and all the weird things!…


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