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AI responsibility: Taming the algorithm

We've reached a point where human (cognitive) task performance is being leveraged or even replaced by AI. So who or what is responsible for what this AI does?

While the question seems simple enough, legal answers from the field are apparently opaque and embroiled. This is caused by the fact that AI is performing human-like tasks without having the clear legal accountability of one, and the question is whether it should have any. Fortunately, now that machine learning and artificial…


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Data-driven grocery shopping

Recently, my better half commented on my deficient ability to spot good value whilst shopping for groceries. She was right: As I was only looking at the product and largely ignoring price, I was spending too much. The Albert Heijn in Prinsenland is not quite as upscale as (say) Whole Foods, but I can only assume the manager was still laughing all the way to the bank every time I visited. Time to go for the other extreme, armed with data science.

As online shopping has become…


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Building competitive data advantage

Several years ago, my company faced a significant challenge: A large swath of small new entrants relying heavily on data and artificial intelligence provided services faster, cheaper, and more flexibly than we could. They were not slowed down by legacy information systems, archaic business processes, and an outdated workforce. To add insult to injury, the new entrants would use our customer-facing transparency opportunistically to pick up the low hanging fruit, and gradually started to…


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