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Is Microsoft Putting Big Data At The Heart Of Their Business?

Since it was founded in 1975 by Bill Gates and Paul Allen, Microsoft has been a key player in just about every major advance in the use of computers, at home and in business.

Just as it anticipated the rise of the personal computer, the graphical operating system and the internet, it wasn’t taken by surprise by the dawn of the big data era. It might not always be the principle source of innovation, but it has always excelled at bringing innovation to the masses, and packaging it into…


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Big Data: The 4 Layers Everyone Must Know

Big Data still causes a lot of confusion in people's heads: What really is it? What is new and what is old wine in new bottles? In order to bring a little more clarity to the concept I thought it might help to describe the 4 key layers of a big data system - i.e. the different stages the data itself has to pass through on its journey from raw statistic or snippet of unstructured data (for example, social media post) to actionable insight.

The whole point of a big data strategy is to…


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What is big data - Infographics by Bernard Marr

About : Bernard Marr is a globally recognized expert in strategic metrics and data. He helps companies manage, measure, analyze and improve performance. His new book is: Big Data: Using Smart…


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Big Data: What Are The Key Jobs and Salaries Available?

There are lots of roles that involve working with analytics and big data, and people doing these jobs give themselves many different names.

If you want to be employed working with data, searching the job sites will yield many possible roles – data engineer, information architect, data analyst – and the distinction is not always clear.

So here’s a selection of some of the most commonly used, as well as (in my experience) what they are likely to spend their time…


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Will Big Data Make Data Scientists Redundant?

A recent report predicts that a 100 million jobs could be at risk of being made redundant by automation.  These are expected to include roles from supermarket cashier to accountant, as robotics and machine learning become increasingly able to perform routine tasks more efficiently than we can.

But surely if there is one job title which will be safe from the inevitable rise of the machines it will be data scientist or big data analyst – after all haven’t I been championing that career…


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