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Comparing Machine Learning as a Service: Amazon, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud AI, IBM Watson


For most businesses, machine learning seems close to rocket science, appearing expensive and talent demanding. And, if you’re aiming at building another Netflix recommendation system, it really is. But the trend of making everything-as-a-service has affected this sophisticated sphere, too. You can jump-start an ML initiative without much investment, which would be the right move if you are new to data science and just want to grab the low hanging fruit.

One of ML's…


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Watson – Time to Prune the ML Tree?

Summary:  IBM’s Watson QAM (Question Answering Machine), famous for its 2011 Jeopardy win was supposed to bring huge payoffs in healthcare.  Instead both IBM and its Watson Healthcare customers are rapidly paring back these projects that have largely failed to pay off.  Watson was the first big out-of-the-box commercial application in ML/AI.  Has it become obsolete?



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Big Data Analytics & Data Science Use Cases

Big Data, Data Analytics, Data Science - all these terms make a noise in the world! Here are a few examples to clarify the difference and avoid messing them up:
  • Google has a number of successful products, Data Science Algorithms embedded within. For instance, all the digital marketing tools, like AdWords, AdSense, DoubleClick and Google Analytics, -…

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Using Algorithms to Detect Fake News – The State of the Art

Summary:  Just how accurate are algorithms at spotting fake news and are we ready to turn them loose to suppress material they don’t find credible.  Here are some considerations and stories about some of the companies trying to build these fact-checkers.



Which of the following headlines is…


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